The Copenhagen

2 cl. Cherry Heering Liqueur
5 cl. Rutte Old Simon Genever
2 cl. freshly squeezed lime juice
2 cl. sugar syrup (Monin)
1 dash Angostura Bitters Orange twist (to make the orange scent float on the surface of the drink) Shake with ice cubes and strain into glass without ice.

The Copenhagen
Every city of prominence is bound to have its own cocktail. Manhattan is a New York drink, the Bellini is intimately associated with Venice and the abode of the Heering drink the Singapore Sling is obviously Singapore. Now the time has come for Copenhagen to be honoured with a cocktail – appropriately named ”The Copenhagen”. And since Copenhagen is the birthplace of Heering, it has to be a Heering drink. In August 2009, five of Copenhagen’s best bartenders were faced with the challenge to create a cocktail with a Scandinavian taste, inspired by the streamlined featuresof Danish design, combining the modern andavantgarde with the historical and traditional.Furthermore, it had to includeHeering Cherry Liqueur,and have a strong internationalappeal. The distinguished winnerwas Gromit Eduardsen fromCopenhagen cocktail bar 1105.

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