Excerpt from the blog spiritmeaway.com

The following could be read regarding the Accessorize 2009 competition on the blog spiritmeaway.com (by Meaghan Dorman)

Make it Work for Heering in Accessorize 2009!

I’m borderline obsessed with Project Runway. So when I heard about Cherry Heering’s Accessorize ‘09 competition, I could practically hear Tim Gunn spurring designers to design a cocktail dress with what else as their muse but an actual cocktail! The competition is split into a section for mixologists to create a cocktail using Cherry or Coffee Heering and one for designers to create a cocktail dress. Both have categories of Classic, Romantic, Exotic, Vintage, Dramatic and Rock n Roll. The contest’s site has both cocktails and dresses featured in each category that entrants should choose as a muse. (designer picks a cocktail to inspire their dress and vice versa), and they must enter through Heering.com. The finals to this international contest will be held June 4th in Singapore! In order to pick the 15 national finalists, all entries must be submitted by February 28th 2009. I’m so excited to see what people come up with!! They should really get Tim Gunn to judge the designers, that would make my year. I will definitely be covering this contest as it progresses, so check back!


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