Chef Haim Tibi descends on Tel Aviv on

The NYX Hotel, likely the trendiest property in the Fattal chain, is the venue that attracted chef Haim Tibi to Tel Aviv after having established his reputation in the Galilee. The restaurant’s intriguing name, Clash, adds to its mystique.

Clash takes pride in its seven specialty cocktails, which bear classic Greek names. The Thanatos (NIS 48) blends Cointreau, Cherry Heering, lemon juice, pineapple and vanilla extract, served in a martini glass garnished with orange peel. Despite the ominous name (signifying death), the drink is pleasantly sweet and smooth as silk.

Heering tasting in Tel Aviv

During the fall, Heering has had a number of tastings at the Tel Aviv airport. The tastings have been very successful and the sales of Heering have sky rocketed in Israel. So, if you travel to Tel Aviv, look for a crowd and you will find Heering there doing tastings.

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