Heering vintage bottle auction

Press release Heering:

For the first time in history CHERRY HEERING® is making a bottle of their rarest vintage from the 1890´s available to the public, in a charity auction at Sotheby’s on December 6th with all proceeds to benefit charity organization DIFFA.

The extraordinary story of CHERRY HEERING® liqueur vintage, 1890

CHERRY HEERING® liqueur vintage 1890, was found in the Heering cellars in Denmark where they had been perfectly aged since production for more than a 120 years. Discovered in original casks, hand packed in wooden casings, and exquisitely marked with the original 1800’s Royal Arms as purveyors to The Royal Danish and Imperial Russian courts and his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, only a couple bottles were perfectly preserved.

To explore the vintage’s quality a tasting with the industries top experts was held at The Campbell Apartment in New York City in 2010.

The tasting panel included, Jörgen Tilander, owner of the CHERRY HEERING® liqueur brand along with Xanté, one of the top selling liqueurs in Scandinavia which recently has been made available in the US; Jackson Cannon, famed Boston bar man from Eastern Standard where his cocktails, passion and knowledge are truly second to none in New England and beyond; Akiko Katayama, an established international writer and former Iron Chef judge and Tony Abu Ganim, The Modern’s Mixologist.

The prestigious tasters recorded their notes for history as a part of the opening focusing on five areas including, mouth feel, stretch on the palette, degree of sweetness, post resonance and overall balance.

“This vintage is really well kept, providing notes of chocolate and cigar as if they really rolled everything into the whole spirit”, noted panelist Tony Abu Ganim “It’s deep, more rounded, more impactful and I was eager to see how long it can be aged and still taste refined – this is my favorite.”

To everyone’s delight, the over 120 year old bottle was in immaculate condition, and now for the first time in history CHERRY HEERING® is making a bottle available to the public. CHERRY HEERING® liqueur vintage, 1890 will be auctioned at Sotheby New York on December 6th, 2010 in an extraordinary event to benefit charity organization DIFFA. Leading up to the auction date, the lot will be found and can be bid on at Charitybuzz.com

CHERRY HEERING® liqueur can lay claim to truly being one of the all-time classic and quality tasting brands. CHERRY HEERING® liqueur, purveyor to H.M. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, H.M. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, has been produced since 1818 and is the original Cherry Brandy found in classic cocktails like the Singapore sling and the 1930’s classic cocktail Blood & Sand designed originally for actor Rudolf Valentino’s movie premier with the same name as well as modern cocktails like The Copenhagen. Peter F Heering is one of the world’s first brands to reach a global market and a product of Denmark. CHERRY HEERING® is still produced by the traditional recipe, without any artificial ingredient, colors or flavors. Since its launch in 1818 it has traveled the globe on a victorious course, gaining a foothold even in the remotest parts of the world. Today you will find Heering Cherry in more than 100 markets in the world.

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