Cherry Heering Sour on

Bartender Robert Haynes Talks Technique, Tabs and Tequila at The Violet Hour
When it opened in the summer of 2007, The Violet Hour was on the cutting edge of two trends: the connoisseurship of craft cocktails and the resurgence of the modern speakeasy. Spurred by the highest quality food and drinks, a refined yet relaxed atmosphere and excellent service, the lounge’s popularity has only grown since then—and it doesn’t hurt that this Wicker Park lounge belongs to one of the most acclaimed restaurant groups in the city, along with Blackbird, Avec, The Publican and Big Star.

In this video, veteran bartender Robert Haynes explains how he got in the door, tallies up an impressive tab and tells us about his favorite drink on the menu—all while mixing the perfect tequila-Cherry Heering sour.

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