Heering and the vintage bottle in a Muddled Thought

Cherry Heering Across from Past to Present

This past May a rare occurrence in the spirit world took place at New York’s Campbell Apartments when extremely rare vintages of Cherry Heering, the cherry liqueur made famous being a component of the Blood and Sand and Singapore Sling Cocktails were opened and tasted. These vintages included a bottle remaining from 1890 and 1950. And were opened and compared to a modern day offering.

Including in the individuals selected to taste these vintages were, Jackson Cannon, of Boston’s Eastern Standard; Jörgen Tilander, owner of the Cherry Heering® liqueur ,Akiko Katayama, an established international writer and former Iron Chef judge and Tony Abu Ganim, The Modern Mixologist.

After comparing the two vintages along side the the present day offering of Cherry Heering, the tasting panel’s favorite was the 1890 vintage. Tony Abu Ganim, noted that the additional time the spirit spent in the bottle allowed new flavors of cigar and cocoa to develop.

Will Cherry Heering have another one of these vintage tasting events? Only time will..


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