Words by: Jane Ryan and Simon Difford
Pictures by: Gareth Evans

15:28 GMT // 25 Feb 2014

You may have thought that February and March in the northern hemisphere were confined to the likes of cauliflowers, leeks and spring greens but it’s also the season of the blood orange. This rich and vibrant variant of the citrus fruit makes a wonderfully addition to cocktails calling for orange juice as well inspiring its own recipes.


Native to southern Italy and parts of Spain, the blood orange can vary from the dark-fleshed Moro variety to the delicately flavored Tarocco. Their blood-red hue comes from a pigment called anthocyanin, found in varying degrees depending on the fruit.

The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit describes the fruit saying ‘blood oranges usually add a berry, specifically raspberry, note to the sweetness.’ The book goes on to suggest some unusual flavour pairings such as asparagus in a sauce maltaise, and with beetroot courtesy of Heston Blumenthal at The Fat Duck.

Searching for more than the typical sweet blood orange twists on classics we asked bartenders to share their blood orange recipes. A weekend of tastings and we present our favourite:

….Bloody Blood & Sand
Garnish: Orange zest twist
How to make: SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine strain into chilled glass.
¾ shot Blended Scotch whisky
¾ shot Islay single malt whisky
¾ shot Cherry Heering cherry brandy liqueur
¾ shot Martini Rosso
¾ shot Blood orange juice
Comment: An equal parts Blood & Sand that works due to the smoky influence of Islay single malt whisky and the rounding citrus notes of blood orange juice.
Origin: The original Blood and Sand cocktail was created for the premiere of the 1922 Rudolph Valentino movie, Blood and Sand. This 2014 adaptation amplifies Scotch notes with the addition of Islay whisky and uses blood orange juice to add colour and flavour.



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