Curiosity Cocktails from Mars Science Laboratory Engineers on

Highbrow musical compositions aside, when the rubber hits the road, I’m a man who enjoys his drink. My love of Tiki concoctions sometimes walks that thin cliff’s edge between a light hangover and insanity. Then there is, of course, The Head (which is still lurking in my garage).

It’s probably no secret that my day job is at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. If it was, well, these were the clues… With a week to go until the MSL landing and in the spirit of merging art and science, I wanted to share a little project that my friends and I undertook.

I now present to you the official unofficial Mars Science Laboratory cocktails!

MSL Flaming Aeroshell

■2 parts Silver Tequila
■1 part Cherry Heering Liquor
■Juice of 1 Lime
■Squeeze of blood orange juice
■Splash of grenadine
■Dash of salt
■Dash of cayenne pepper

Scott Nowak created this fantastic Tiki inspired punch. Pour ingredients into a punch bowl filled with ice. Cut lime in half and clean out pulp after it has been squeezed. Fill with 151 rum. Float lime shell on cocktail. Light 151 on fire for flaming aeroshell effect…..

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