Celebrate Best Actor Nominee Leonardo DiCaprio with…The Bear Claw Recipe created by John Henderson of The Happiest Hour NYC on radio.foxnews.com

After a “grizzly” bear attack, we’re certain Leonardo DiCaprio’s Revenant character could have used a life-sustaining cocktail… amongst other things. With an orange swath reminiscent of a bear claw, this morphing Maker’s Mark cocktail is surely the perfect drink to cheer on Revenant for a Best Picture win.

parts Maker’s Mark Bourbon

¼ part Cherry Heering

1 dash Chocolate Mole Bitters

1 2×2 cola cube*

¾ part soda water

Orange swath

Place one cola cube into a short rocks glass; add Maker’s Mark, bitters, and soda water. Drizzle Cheery Herring over the top of the ice cube (which will slowly sink to the bottom of the cocktail for bloody effect!); stir briefly to incorporate and express an orange swath over the surface of the drink. *Cola cube: Freeze Mexican Coca-Cola overnight in a 2×2 ice cube tray

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