Heering at Manhattan Classic Cocktail

Heering lead a popular seminar together with Dale Gregoff, a top of the line mixologist, during the Manhattan Classic Cocktail. The seminar was held on Sunday May 16th and the topic was “Glasses & Tools: how do you choose the right glass for a drink?” . Dale also displayed an old Heering bottle from 1888. (The Heering cocktail Blood & Sand is one of Dale’s absolute favourites).

About Dale Gregoff:
Universally acknowledged as one of the world’s premier mixologists, whose innovations globally impacted
the industry, Dale DeGroff has been credited with reviving and reinventing the profession of mixology when he took command of the beverage program at the world famous Rainbow Room in 1987. DeGroff pioneered a gourmet approach to recreating the great classic cocktails, creating a cocktail renaissance that would soon spread around the world like wild fire.

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