by Joan Harris

Who says a brewery can’t get in on the craft-cocktail renaissance? Matthew Stipe created this red-hued refresher in homage to the disarmingly astute and underestimated secretary on Mad Men–a drink, in other words, that packs more punch and depth than appearances might suggest. While he likes to use house-brewed lager, a briskly hopped craft beer like Victory Prima Pils will also do the job.

Make It At Home

1½ ounces Drambuie
¾ ounce Cherry Heering
¾ ounce fresh lemon juice
Chilled Victory Prima Pils
3 dashes Fee Brothers bitters

In a pint glass filled with ice, combine the Drambuie, Cherry Heering and lemon juice. Top with the beer. Cap the glass with a shaker tin, shake once and add the bitters. Serve.


Retro Fun With Cherry Heering on metroimma.com

I’m hosting a party Wednesday night for 100 people and a big seudah on Thursday. Aside from the logistics involved in hosting that many people, I had to decide what food and drinks to serve. So, I’ve decided to go for classic cocktails made with Cherry Heering!

After all, everything retro is hot now. From the retro style displayed on the small screen in shows like Mad Men and PanAm to some very familiar fashions making their way down the runway again at New York Fashion Week – what’s old is new again. So, I figured why not make a retro-theme Purim complete with everyone’s favorite retro Liqueur – Cherry Heering.

In case you missed the craze the first time around, just know that in the late 60’s and 70’s you could find a bottle of Cherry Heering in almost every Jewish home and shul – it was the liqueur to have. So, whether you are feeling nostalgic, or if you just want a delicious and versatile liqueur on hand, maybe you should stock up on some too.

Besides, it goes wonderfully with hamantaschen or other sweet treats in Purim baskets and after Purim, I plan to use any extra for parties or Shabbos dinners.  It’s great because Cherry Heering and the equally delicious new Coffee Heering Liqueur are both certified OU Kosher and Parve!

Heering on Elle Magazine cont page 2 Mad Men

Find the Mad Men Finalists recipe on below link


Elle Magazine cont page 2 Mad Men

Here you find the whole article


Mad Men on Elle magazine first page


Elle DK visited Heering Goes Mad(Men) Final

Report from the Final in NYC please see below link


Cherry Heering on Huffingtonpost – MCC and Mad Men

by Tony Sachs

…From there, it was a double dose of David Wondrich, whose writing and research (check out his brilliant book Imbibe! for starters) are awe-inspiring. Up first was a pointy-headed intellectual discussion that turned out to be quite fascinating, about the pros and cons of unearthing and recreating historical cocktail recipes and its effect on modern bartending. At one point, he mentioned the cocktail we’d been served up. “Pretty good, right?” he asked. “What if I was to tell you that this was the original Singapore Sling recipe that was being made in Singapore in 1913? Does it taste better? Well, it kinda does to me.” And I must admit I felt the same way. Make of that what you will……

Mad Men on Citysip.com

Xanté Company & Peter F. Heering announced to a full house which cocktail would most likely to intrigue Don Draper after work at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic event, Heering Goes Mad (Men) held Monday at Ogilvy & Mather. The Sour Cherry Sidecar created by Bartender, Stacy Nikkila of New York City’s Boom Boom Room was the ultimate winning liquid combo consisting of Cherry Heering, Cognac and fresh lime juice.

Competition was spirited and steep with On the Rocks champ and Chicago bar man, Charles Joly, Xavier Herit of New York’s acclaimed resto, Daniel and Founder of The Bar Academy, Jamie Stephenson.

“The incredible and inspired amount of various Cherry Heering, Coffee Heering and Xanté recipes submitted was truly thrilling to see”, said Adéle Robberstad, CEO, The Xanté Company/Peter F. Heering. “Stacy’s winning cocktail embodies the smart simplicity that can be achieved using Cherry Heering for both bartenders and consumers alike.”

The prize awarded to Stacy Nikkila for taking the top spot with her take on the Side Car, will be a featured in Elle Magazine International, Gotham Magazine as well as inclusions in OK! Magazine and The Robb Report.

The winning Heering Goes Mad (Men) cocktail was selected by an elite professional judging panel, including Head Chef Geoffrey Zakarian of The Lambs Club, famed Cocktail Consultant, Sasha Petraske, Laura Lane of OK! Magazine, Daniel Curtis, The Robb Report and Sheila Marikar with ABC News Now.

The exciting and iconic Heering Goes Mad (Men) fest benefited DIFFA, Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS.

Sour Cherry Heering Sidecar

Stacy Nikkila, The Boom Boom Room, New York City

1 oz. CHERRY HEERING® liqueur

1 oz. Pierre Ferrand 1re Cru Du Cognac

½ oz. Fresh lime juice


Heering Goes Mad(Men) on Citysip.com


April 16, 2011 Posted by Blaine Ashley in Events, Global, New YorkHeering Goes Mad (Men) Join The Xanté Company, Peter F. Heering & Special Mad Men celebrity guests at an exclusive spectacular sunset rooftop event at Ogilvy & Mather (the depicted home of the Mad Men agency) as the final four Maddest cocktails from the global Heering Goes Mad (Men) cocktail competition.



Heering Goes Mad (Men)
Monday, May 16, 2011, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm EST at Ogilvy & Mather
See Description

Join The Xanté Company, Peter F. Heering & Special Mad Men celebrity guests at an exclusive spectacular sunset rooftop event at Ogilvy & Mather (the depicted home of the Mad Men agency) as the final four Maddest cocktails from the global Heering Goes Mad (Men) cocktail competition (featuring Cherry Heering® liqueur, Coffee Heering® liqueur or Xanté Liqueur®) which were created with a fashionable twist on some of the most iconic Mad Men® cocktails from yesteryear including Betty Draper’s Breakfast – Bloody Mary, The Three Martini Lunch – Classic Martini, The Expense Account – Manhattan, The Richard “Dick” Whitman – Side Car, We got the Business! – Whiskey Sour and Another New Secretary – Sloe Gin Fizz – all for you to imbibe while being served by the global bartending superstars who created them cart side to you as you overlook the city that started all the Madness.

A portion of the proceeds from this standout evening will benefit (DIFFA) Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS

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