Where to Try a Seven-Cocktail Flight Inspired by Childhood on washingtoncitypaper.com

The Lunch Punch has brandy, lemon, cherry heering, Darjeeling tea, milk, and a few props to keep you busy if your date is a drag.

By Laura Hayes, Feb 1, 2018

Today in things-you-can-drop-a-hundred-dollars-on-in-the-District: childhood nostalgia. barmini by José Andrés rolled out a playful new cocktail flight this week that attempts to capture the feeling of Saturday mornings spent watching cartoons and eating cereal as well as the wonder that comes from seeing magic tricks.

To make the Lunch Punch, pictured above, mixologists at the experimental cocktail lab stir together brandy, lemon, cherry heering, Darjeeling tea, and milk. It also arrives with a few super ’90s props that will keep you occupied if your date’s dull or you

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