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The following was sent from the Kindred Spirits office in April 09:

Kindred Spirits, Inc. inspires with its expanding portfolio

Miami-based Kindred Spirits, Inc. has made its mark in the beverage industry as an import and marketing company with a portfolio of carefully-selected wine and spirit brands that unite luxury, quality and value for both on- and off-premise clients. The inspired lineup is headlined by Gran Duque De Alba Solera Gran Reserva (one the most renowned brandies from Jerez, Spain) and Crema de Alba; Heering Cherry Liqueur, Xante Liqueur; Dry Sack, Dry Sack 15 Year-Old and Dry Sack Medium (an exquisite aperitif made from a blend of Palomino and Pedro Ximenez grapes aged in oak casks for six years); and Martin Miller’s Gin (a fine pot-stilled small batch gin from the U.K.).
A joint venture between spirits industry veteran Joel Gosler, Williams & Humbert of Spain and The Reformed Spirits Company Group, Kindred Spirits is continuing its growth trajectory with the addition of new brands and exciting promotions for off- and on-premise clients that will keep their businesses fresh and exciting for their customers.

“This is an exciting time for Kindred Sprits as we continue building our brand portfolio with new and exciting products.” said West Coast Director Of Sales Mario Vitale. “We are especially excited about the release of Gran Duque Crema de Alba and Xante Liqueur, which are sure bring an added dimension of versatility and flair to any bar or retail space.”

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Kindred Spirits, Inc said it added two new brands, Heering Cherry and Xante liqueur to its portfolio.

Heering Cherry & Xanté Liqueurs join Kindred Spirits

Heering Cherry & Xante Liqueurs to Complement Growing Kindred Spirits Portfolio

(MIAMI, FL) — Miami based Kindred Spirits, Inc announced today the acquisition of two new brands, Heering Cherry and Xante liqueur. Both brands will join the enterprising and premium Kindred Spirits, Inc. portfolio.

About HEERING Cherry liqueur

Heering Cheery liqueur, purveyor to H.M. Queen Elizabeth 11 and to the Royal Danish Court, has been produced since 1818 and is the original “Cherry Brandy”. Heering Cheery liqueur is sold in more than 100 countries all over the world and is the essential ingredient in such world famous cocktails as the Singapore Sling, Blood and Sand and Desert Healer.

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About XANTÉ liqueur

XANTÉ is a premium positioned liqueur combining the ripeness of sweet pears and the intensity of fine cognac. The product is extremely versatile being enjoyed neat as well as in cocktails. XANTÉ is sold in some 15 markets including the U.K. and Spain.

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“The addition of these two unique and established brands support Kindred Spirits new way of thinking which will reward our growing consumer base,” said President Joel Gosler. “Heering represents the established and Xante the new and creative type of brand personalities that will ultimately define Kindred Spirits for years to come.”

About Kindred Spirits, Inc.

Based in Miami, Kindred Spirits, Inc. brand portfolio includes premium spirits brands, Gran Duque De Alba Brandy, Crema de Alba, Martin Miller’s Gin, Malt Trust Single Barrel Cask Whiskies and the famous Dry Sack Sherries from Spain, produced by William & Humbert.

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