Excerpt from nightclub.com

The following could be read in the Night Club & Bar Magazine regarding the Accessorize 2009 competition:

Cherry Heering Invites Bar Creations

Cherry Heering liqueur was founded in Denmark in 1818 and is recognized as the essential ingredient in many famous cocktails including the Singapore Sling and the Blood & Sand. When a company this established decides to do something innovative, it is no small matter.
For 2009, the team behind this iconic cherry cordial combined fashion and spirits promoting with a national campaign that conveyed simplicity and ingenuity in both mixology and tailoring.
The tagline of “Accessorize 2009 – Enter the Heering World Championship of Fashion Mixing and Drink Designing,” invites top designers and mixologists to visit the Web site page (www.heering.com) where they can sign up to create a drink inspired by a haute couture gown or a gown inspired by a designer cocktail.
The qualifying rounds are all online, and there are six categories including: classic, vintage, exotic, dramatic, romantic and rock ‘n’ roll. The grand finale will take place at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore in July of 2009.
“We are excited to bring Cherry Heering liqueur back to the forefront for taste- and image-conscious consumers and also top mixologists,” says Joel Gosler, Kindred Spirits President.

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