Beer cocktails are here to stay


Jacobsen Brewhouse and liqueur producer Peter F. Heering in exclusive partnership

The combination of beer and cocktails have grown at bars in New York and Los Angeles as well as in cities across Europe for many years. Although both are an established part of Danish culture is the phenomenon beer cocktails not yet widely distributed in Denmark. It inspired Jacobsen Brewhouse and liqueur Dynasty Peter F. Heering to an exciting collaboration to get the Danish population to realize the combination of beer and liquor, and are therefore launching the beer cocktail Brandy Ale Xander in collaboration with Copenhagen cocktail GILT.

The trend is obvious. Beer cocktails or cocktails mixed with beer are here to stay. For some it may sound like a new gimmick, but the idea of ​​mixing drinks of beer is actually hundreds of years old and originated in 1800s England.Here was the first beer cocktail, Shandy, invented, which you can still get in any English pub with respect for itself. The reinterpretation of the beer cocktail has been a powerful trend in the United States in recent times, while they have experimented with the phenomenon across Europe for several years.

The beer cocktail is also slowly gaining a foothold among the Danes. However, the beer is associated with quite distinct traditions in Denmark, so we maybe have an inclination for being a bit cautious about moving away from something that we know so well. However, it is not something you should be as careful about explains Peter Altenburg, owner of the classic Copenhagen cocktail bars GILT and Holmen’s Canal. The beer cocktail integrates the best of both worlds in unique ways. At Gilt they have, after the introduction of the beer cocktail on the menu, had great demands among the guests for beer cocktails. Peter Altenburg explains:

“There is a very special balance between bitterness and sweetness in beer, that cannot be found in many other products. It has something to do with, how beer is a brought together- and reworked product. This balance as well as the beers hops brings fantastic flavor nuances in cocktails. In addition, are the beers’ bubbles much softer than other carbonated products.”

Jacobsen Brewhouse and liqueur Dynasty Peter F. Heering have, in co-operation with Peter Altenburg, developed a beer cocktail to winter’s dark nights that demonstrates the beer cocktail’s unique flavor interaction. The exclusive beer cocktail is based on the classic cocktail, Brandy Alexander. The caramelized flavor notes of Jacobsen Brown Ale brings out the nutty coffee notes in Coffee Heering to a new level, while the hops in Jacobsen Brown Ale balances the sweetness in cocktails. It gives the cocktail a special depth while also getting the feel of a good Ale, without being too bitter.


30 ml Coffee Heering

Jacobsen Brown Ale

20 ml Cognac

20 ml fløde

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