Heering cocktail inspiration from Amsterdam

In the latest Apéritif there is an article on the bar life in Amsterdam. As it seems there are not so many places where you can go for cocktails (rather for beer and wine) but there are some few places that are really good. In one of these places, the Apéritif journalist found a Heering cocktail on the menu; the Honey Cherry Sour. ( at bar Feijoa, created by Timo Janse and Robbert Negen). It sounds delicious.

The Honey Cherry Sour
3 cl Krupnik polish honey vodka
2 cl Heering Cherry Liqueur
4 cl freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 dashes of egg white

Shake everything with the egg white, fill a tumbler glass with crushed ice and pour everything over the ice. Garnish with one or two cherries.

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