Cherry Heering: Highlight at Equipotel 2012 challenge in Brazil!

On the last September 12th, the city of São Paulo, Brazil, held the largest hospitality and gastronomical event in the Latin America: Equipotel. The gastronomic area launched a competition where 16 professional bartenders from the most respected bars and restaurants of the city were able to demonstrate their skills as mixologists. Among them was Rogério Rabbit, four-times brazilian bartender of the year, who created the recipe “Seleta de Surpresas” (Selection of Surprises), on which Cherry Heering was the main ingredient. The unique flavour of Peter Heering combined with jabuticaba, a very particular brazilian berry, and other ingredients granted him the first prize of the competition, with a total score of 90 points out of 100 possible.
This is Cherry Heering: a brand recognized for its quality and sophistication everywhere in the world!

The recipe:
– Cherry Heering
– Seleta cachaça
– Routin 1883 Grenadine Syrup
– Jabuticaba (brazilian berry)
– Perrier

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