Cherry Heering Remember the Maine

I give here the recipe for another delectable libation which I spied on their menu.
Remember the Maine
2 oz rye whiskey
¾ oz sweet vermouth
2 tsp Cherry Heering
½ tsp absinthe
lemon zest, for garnish

Stir well with ice and strain in to a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with the lemon zest.

The Remember the Maine is a creation of Charles H. Baker, author of The Gentleman’s Companion. Although there are variations, the version above seems roughly authoritative nowadays. The recipe, of course, is reminiscent of a Manhattan, so that is a good starting point. However, the deep round sweetness of the irreplaceable Cherry Heering is not to be underestimated, bringing out a richness in the rye that wouldn’t normally be so prevalent. The absinthe also works differently here, the brightness of the anise serving mainly to offset the sweetness, while the other herbal flavours come to the fore.

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