48 HOURS IN BERLIN on drinkmemag.com

by Ava Fedorov

….Located on a quiet, residential block in Mitte, one of the trendier neighborhoods in former East Berlin, Reingold’s foreboding front door is not only unmarked, it is locked. Like a school kid goaded into a dare, I cautiously rang the bell. The door opened and a smart, young waiter in 1920’s garb guided us inside. A large, eye-catching print of a couple in matching ties presided over one end of the space, while the languidly long, minimal bar seemed to stretch on forever. It was early still for the notoriously night-owlish city, and the bar was only partially occupied by a handful of aloof and well-dressed corporate types (also in matching ties). Lucky for us, this meant we had the bartender’s full attention. I challenged the bartender to a Singapore Sling, the original tiki drink. Boozy and complex with just the right amount of exotic, Cheery Heering sweetness, the Singapore sling at Reingold suddenly seemed like the ideal way to begin a night of drinking in Berlin. I ordered another.


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