The original Singapore Sling recipe from Raffles Hotel

15 ml Cherry Heering

30 ml Gin

210 ml pineapple juice

15 ml lime juice

7,5 ml Cointreau

7,5 ml Dom Benedictine

10 ml ml Grenadine

A dash of Angostura


Shake all ingredients with ice and pour into a sling glass. Garnish with  fresh pineapple and a fresh cherry


Heering at
Top 5 Girly Cocktails Of All Time
….Three: Singapore Sling
While working at the Raffle Hotel in Singapore, Ngiam Tong Boon created a masterpiece. He poured Gin, Heering Cherry Liqueur, Cherry Brandy, Cointrueau, Dom Benedictine and Grenadine and the Singapore Sling was born. Throughout history, bars and nightclubs everywhere have sold the famous drink and the hotel where the drink started its life has become somewhat of an icon. The original recipe can still be found in the hotel bar. Bar staff still serve Singapore Slings in the same way [tall], but it’s not mixed in the traditional method. Today they are premixed and dispensed using an automatic dispenser to combine the alcohol and the pineapple together more evenly and faster.

Heering cocktails at the Vinordic 2008

Singapore Sling
15 ml Heering Cherry Liqueur
30 ml Gin
120 ml pineapple juice
7 1/2 ml Cointreau
7 1/2 ml Dom Benedictine
10 ml Grenadine
A dash of Angostura bitters

Cherry & Mints
4cl Heering Cherry Liqueur
2cl Lime Juice
1cl Sugar syrup
Fresh mint leaves
Soda top

Cherry Coke
4cl Heering Cherry Liqueur
12cl Coke

Cherry Gimlet
4cl Heering Cherry Liqueur
4cl Roses Lime
Dash of fresh lime

Heering Latte
4cl Heering Coffee Liqueur
12 cl Warm milk

Smooth White Russian
2cl Bols Vodka
2cl Heering Coffee Liqueur

Coffee Sourz
4cl Heering Coffee Liqueur
4cl Lemon juice
2cl Sugar syrup

Espresso Martini
4cl Heering Coffee Liqueur
4cl Milk

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