Cherry Heering on Silver and Sand

…Tucked into a charming corner of Clayton, DeMun Oyster Bar is the kind of place that lets you forget about the rest of the world. The intimate, well-appointed space sets the stage for a parade of fresher-than-fresh oysters ranging from the sweet, deeply cupped Kusshi to the Shigoku variety that tastes of salted cucumber to firm, briney Sister Points. Steamed mussels and clams mingle in your choice of broths – we like the classic garlic-shallot-tomato or the creamy garlic-beurre blanc. Pommes frites, Caesar salads, oyster chowder … everything offered adds up to a haven for the seafood-obsessed. And while DOB has a good wine selection, try one of its well-crafted cocktails such as the Blackthorne Revisited (Bitter Truth sloe gin, green chartreuse, sweet vermouth and a range of bitters) or the Silver and Sand (lemon-tea- and ginger-infused scotch, Lillet Rouge, Cherry Heering, lemon, egg white and lemon bitters).
DeMun Oyster Bar, 740 DeMun Ave., DeMun, 314.725.0322

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