Royal Dutch Distillers is New USA Importer of Cherry Heering on

A true Modern Classic: Brand celebrates 200th anniversary in 2018

MIAMI and SCHIEDAM, Netherlands, January 3, 2018 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — MIAMI and SCHIEDAM, Netherlands, January 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

Following its recent global acquisition, Cherry Heering Liqueur will be available to bartenders and consumers across the United States through Royal Dutch Distillers. The Miami-based subsidiary of De Kuyper Royal Distillers will act as the exclusive importer and sales and marketing force of the renowned and well-established Cherry Heering brand. De Kuyper, well known for the world’s largest brand of premium cocktail liqueurs, had announced the acquisition of Cherry Heering in October 2017.


Cherry Heering, probably the oldest cherry liqueur in the world, was established in 1818. It is known as the original “Cherry Brandy” and contributed to the creation of some of the most legendary cocktails. The very first “Singapore Sling” was created with Cherry Heering and, since then, the brand has been the global reference for this famous cocktail. Today it is still the essential ingredient and global reference for such world-famous cocktails as the “Blood and Sand” and the “Copenhagen.”

“The United States is the number one cocktail market in the world, and a key market for Cherry Heering,” says Mark de Witte, CEO of De Kuyper. “We are very pleased that we can now bring this internationally recognized and iconic brand to bartenders and retailers in the US, in conjunction with the other great brands in the portfolio of Royal Dutch Distillers:  Rutte Gins and Genever, Mandarine Napoléon, Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto, Half Hitch Gin and ChocoVine. We are continuously looking to extend our range of premium brands to offer customers a most complete portfolio. Just like our premium spirits, Cherry Heering is the global reference for a variety of classic cocktails and fully in line with our Global Company Strategy and vision to ‘Own the Cocktail'”.

“The Cherry Heering brand is well-established and has a high level of recognition in the US bartender community,” says Adéle Robberstad, CEO of Peter F. Heering company. “We are very proud and grateful for this close relationship with the US on-premise and will continuously build on it with our constant support.”

Marc De Kuyper, an 11th-generation De Kuyper family member and CEO of Royal Dutch Distillers in the US, comments: “We are very happy to take over the brand that’s in such good shape thanks to the great work done by Royal Wines over the last couple of years. 2018 marks the 200 [th] anniversary of Cherry Heering and we’re very much looking forward to celebrating this great heritage brand together with our customers. For the anniversary, we’ll support sales of this modern classic with a new marketing campaign, including specials such as a Special Edition Label and a holiday gift box.”

US media contact Royal Dutch Distillers:

Stephanie Jerzy, Customer Marketing Director,, +1-305-901-1444 x 208

NYC Beverage Leo Robitschek Concocts Modern Classics With Cherry Heering on

by Jennifer Nalewicki

From a go-to ingredient to a bartender’s staple, this Danish liqueur stands out.

Cherry Heering Liqueur has been a go-to ingredient for Leo Robitschek for years. The beverage director for New York City-based Make It Nice restaurant group’s Made Nice, Eleven Madison Park, and The NoMad Hotel had been using it to make classic cocktails like the Singapore Sling and Blood & Sand, but it wasn’t until 2008 that he started experimenting with the ruby-red liqueur and creating cocktails he could call his own.

One of his first concoctions was the Eclipse, a mix of Cherry Heering Liqueur, tequila, Aperol, and lemon juice. Impressed with the way that the Cherry Heering and Aperol worked in tandem by balancing each other out, he later paired the two again along with rye whiskey, chiles, and lime juice to create what would soon become one of The Nomad Hotel’s best-selling cocktails: the Satan’s Circus (pictured below). Named after the property’s location in the city’s entertainment and red-light district in midtown, which in the 1800s was nicknamed “Satan’s Circus” by reformers thanks to its preponderance of gambling dens, brothels, and saloons, the result is a drink that mixes bitterness with a hint of heat.

“The Cherry Heering and Aperol have complementary flavors — one of them has cherry while the other has rhubarb and strawberry — so you have a blend of red fruits,” Robitschek says. “The Aperol brings in a bitter quality that balances out the Cherry Heering’s citrus notes and nuttiness. Together they make a really delicious and balanced flavor.”

More recently, this spring Robitschek introduced members of the global bartending industry to the wonders of pairing Cherry Heering with Aperol, along with a dozen other spirits during the two master classes he led in Madrid and Barcelona (taught entirely in Spanish!) as part of the iconic brand’s 200th anniversary celebration. Robitschek is one of a handful of bartenders that the brand cherry-picked (pun intended) to lead a series of workshops and master classes in more than 75 cities over the course of 100 days. Called “Modern Classics,” the three-month event serves as a way to get bartenders thinking of ways to use the cherry liqueur to make new cocktail classics back home at their bars.

For his master classes, one of the first things Robitschek did was have his students sample Cherry Heering along with a dozen base spirits, such as rye, sake, tequila, and, of course, Aperol, as well as bitters, produce, and other modifiers.

“We did a blind tasting with the Cherry Heering blended together with the other spirits to see how they changed and what attributes the Cherry Heering brought out in each spirit,” he says. “Once everyone decided which flavor combination they liked the best, we split everyone into groups and had a mini competition where they built cocktails using that combination of flavors to create a modern-day classic. Cherry Heering is an ingredient that most bars have on hand if they’re trying to create some form of the classics like the Blood & Sand or the Singapore Sling, so most bartenders have used it before and are comfortable with it.”

Two combinations that surprised Robitschek included Cherry Heering with sake and again with Green Chartreuse.

“Leading classes like this, you always hope that you learn something new and gain something from it,” he says. “There were a few flavor combinations that I had never tasted before on their own without mixing in other ingredients, so it was interesting to see how they did work

We can only hope that one day in the near future one of these combinations will wind up on Robitschek’s drink list.

Satan’s Circus

  • 2 oz Old Overholt Rye
  • ¾ oz Thai-Bird Chili Infused Aperol
  • ¾ oz Cherry Heering
  • ¾ oz Lemon Juice

Directions: Shake and strain into a cocktail coupe

Enjoy afternoon tea with a Martini twist on

IF you‘re looking for an indulgent treat either as a present or just want to spoil yourself then Malmaison may have the answer for you.
In celebration of afternoon tea week which runs until Sunday, the hotel group is unveiling a decadent Black Forest Martini to make the traditional afternoon tea even better.
With Techienne Butterscotch, Cherry Heering Liqueur, Grenadine, grated chocolate and fresh cream the cocktail is available for a limited time only, and can be enjoyed with any of Malmaison’s Afternoon Teas for just £5 until the end of August.

Drink This: Xocolatl on

By Xania Woodman

In Las Vegas, Halloween is more of a season than it is a holiday. But our thirst for the resulting themed cocktails usually has a half-life of one sickly-sweet or absurdly festooned novelty drink. Bucking the trend, the recently relocated Nora’s Italian Cuisine found a way around the holiday menu trap with a stirred Manhattan-style drink that we’ll find ourselves reaching for all year long. Xocolatl ($12) brings together chocolate and mezcal, two elements that share a common ancestor. The ancient Aztecs revered both chocolate and pulque, a sacred fermented agave drink that would eventually give rise to distilled agave spirits. If only they had combined them in the same way that mixologist Adam Giles has at Nora’s, where Kimo Sabe Rubedo Reposado Mezcal meets Cherry Heering Liqueur, Lustau East India Solera Sherry, house-made cinnamon- and clove-spiced chocolate syrup and Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters, and is served up with a chocolate-infused Luxardo Maraschino Cherry. Kimo Sabe’s father/daughter founders, Jim Walsh and Ashley Walsh Kvamme, made chocolate in Hawaii before embarking on their mezcal journey—sweet serendipity that gives this recipe an even deeper resonance. While boozy and dessert-inspired, it’s a sophisticated treat that will do the trick before dinner or after.


As served at Nora’s Italian Cuisine, $12

In a mixing glass, combine 2 ounces Kimo Sabe Rubedo Reposado Mezcal, ½ ounce Cherry Heering Liqueur, ¾ Lustau East India Solera Sherry, ½ ounce house-made Lady Godiva Syrup (Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur, brown sugar, cinnamon, clove and vanilla bean) and 3 dashes Fee Bros. Aztec Chocolate Bitters. Add ice, still till chilled, strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a Godiva-infused Luxardo maraschino cherry.

Nora’s Italian Cuisine

5780 W. Flamingo Rd.,, Instagram: @NorasCuisine




March — 2016 (New York, New York) — Peter F. Heering, most famous for Cherry Heering Liqueur, purveyor to the Royal Danish Court, has been produced since 1818 Peter F. Heering has joined together with the spectacular Manhattan Bar, located in the Regent Hotel Four Seasons in Singapore, to continue 100th Anniversary celebrations of the Singapore Sling, the most classic Cherry Heering cocktail ever created.
The Manhattan Bar which derives inspiration from the first Golden Age of cocktails that reached its apogee in 1920s and 30s New York is now impressively realized in the mould of the archetypal New York grand hotel bar, which is Manhattan Bar – and is also now home to the Cherry Heering inspired cocktail – Family and Friends Barrel Sling.
Top finalists from the 2015 Peter F. Heering Sling Award® were invited to collaborate on a special Sling cocktail recipe which turned out to be Family and Friends Barrel Sling.
The Barrel Sling is aging specially in cask number 100, due to the 100th year Celebration of the Singapore Sling at the Manhattan Bar’s unique On-premise Rickhouse that prominently showcases an array of over 100 specially imported American oak casks.
“This is a once in a lifetime collaboration between an iconic brand, which is Peter F. Heering featuring Cherry Heering in a once in a lifetime cocktail recipe, Family and Friends Barrel Sling”, said Adéle Robberstad, CEO Peter F. Heering
By personal and private invitation only, famous brands and mixologist are selectively asked to create unique and inspired bespoke barrel cocktail recipes when visiting Manhattan Bar.
• Cherry Heering Liqueur     20ml
• Tanqueray 10                      30ml
• Diplomatico Blanco            20ml
• Koko Kanu                            15ml
• Manzanilla sherry               15ml
• Orange Curacao                  10ml
• Angostura Bitters                4 dashes

Page No. 2 – CHERRY HEERING® – Manhattan Bar | Singapore Sling
The Manhattan Bar ranks number 35 in “The World´s 50 Best Bars 2015” as anointed annually by Spirits legend, Dave Wondrich, an elite list which is presented annually in London.
Family and Friends Barrel Sling is being kept in the exclusive cellar of the Manhattan Bar and will be tapped as the Peter F. Heering brands turns 200 years 2018.
CHERRY HEERING® is an intricate and indispensable component of iconic cocktails such as The Singapore Sling and Blood & Sand, which is exactly how CHERRY HEERING® likes to be seen; as an accessory that adds lavishness, extravagance and civilization to the mix.
CHERRY HEERING® continues to evolve and recognize that even the timeless classics need a refreshing remake now and then, thus CHERRY HEERING® has challenged the best of the best behind the world’s bars to create their own modern classic interpretation of The Singapore Sling and also possibly writing their name in the history of cocktails.
HEERING® COFFEE liqueur is made from a recipe using only natural ingredients and with no additives or artificial coloring. The base is a smooth blend of Caribbean rum, coffee and cacao. COFFEE HEERING® and CHERRY HEERING® are both OU certified.
COFFEE HEERING® was announced as the Liqueur of the Year at the Annual Bar Biz Spirits Competition by the Editorial and Publishing Staff of the Bar Business Magazine.
HEERING® liqueur is sold in more than 100 countries all over the world and is the essential ingredient in the world famous Singapore Sling and Blood and Sand cocktails. For more information about Peter F. Heering, please visit cherryheering Heering

MEDIA Contact: United States | James Monahan | |(m) 917.826.9449
MEDIA Contact: Global | Anna-Karin Olofsson | | Peter F Heering (o) +46 8 412 60 40 (m) +46 70 23 99 100
*For Hi res images, recipes and general brand press queries

Cook Strait Sling on

Recipe courtesy Philip Greene,

1 ½ oz. vodka (Greene recommends 42 Below)
½ oz. fresh lemon juice
½ oz. Cherry Heering Liqueur
¾ oz. Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur
2 dashes Angostura bitters
2 dashes orange bitters
Seltzer water
Add all ingredients except seltzer water to a cocktail shaker filled with ice, and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled highball glass filled with ice. Add two ounces seltzer water to shaker, swirl it around the ice, and then strain seltzer into glass, topping off the cocktail.

Peter F. Heering Sling Award Winner Announced on

By Rene Riis

Denmark’s “The Sloe Sling” has been named “the sling heard around the world”.

When prestigious global jury members slung into action inspired by the Sling, they sipped, enjoyed and ultimately decided on the 2014 Peter F. Heering Sling Award global winner. Nick Kobbernagel Hovind, Denmark, “The Sloe Sling” has been announced as the winning Sling.

The Ritz Carlton, Berlin held court for the five global finalists who hailed from Canada, Singapore, USA, Denmark and Estonia and each Sling was tasted, discussed, tasted again and well thought over until the sling inspired libation tally was complete from the global jury.


The 2014 Peter F Heering Sling award-winning cocktail:
Denmark / The Sloe Sling / Nick Kobbernagel Hovind
Cherry Heering Liqueur
Plymouth Sloe gin
Aalborg Taffel Aquavit
Peychaud’s Bitters
fresh lemon juice
simple syrup
small dash egg white

Apart from the honour and media exposure, Nick also received €500 and a stunning silver Stelton shaker.


The 2014 Peter F. Heering Sling Award, which has grown from 27 participating countries last year to now 44 participating Sling-inspired countries, has elevated the competition to one of the world’s largest cocktail competitions.

“The creativity that these bartenders put into their Sling cocktail creations has raised the standard for what a Sling can be and how truly fashionable the Cherry Heering brand is and always will be. The global participation was flattering considering the volume of cocktail competitions around the world, though we look at the Sling Awards as more than just a competition, we see it as an opportunity to honour one of the most classic cocktails of all time with a Cherry Heering on top!” – Adéle Robberstad, CEO, Peter F. Heering

The jury consisted of: Réne Riis, FOUR Magazine; David Wondrich, Cocktail Historian; Heinfried Tacke, Drinks Magazine; David Rosengarten, Forbes Magazine; Nikolaj Brøndsted, Good Spirits, Mash Group & Umami; Fredrik Tilander, Owner, Peter F. Heering


The Top 5 Global Finalists for the 2014 Peter F. Heering Sling Award
Canada | Taoufike Zrafi | The Bittered Sling

Denmark | Nick Kobbernagel Hovind | The Sloe Sling

Estonia | Sigrid Sarv | O’ Polo Sling

Singapore | Aron Christian Lobrino Manzanillo | Fables of the East

USA | Jon Kraus | Pepito’s Slingshot


For more information, visit

Images © René Riis



2014 Peter F. Heering Sling Award GLOBAL WINNER Press Release f





July – 2014 (Stockholm, Sweden) — The top Sling Stars with highest scores have been announced. The top fifteen became top seventeen due to dead even between three countries |The 2014 Peter F. Heering Sling Award is shouting out to the world which has grown from 27 participating countries last year to now 44 participating Sling inspired countries.

The Peter F. Heering brand has elevated the Sling Award competition to one of the world’s greatest and largest cocktail competitions and more importantly lifted this extremely talented group of global bar-stars into rare air in the ever-growing global cocktail scene competitions.

All 44 Peter F. Heering Sling Award National winners were afforded a stipend to support cocktail menus, cocktails of the month or whatever they felt would inspire their guests, friends and family to raise their profile and their Sling achievement, in addition the National winners were encouraged to utilize their social media to maximize the “peoples” vote aspect of the competition.
The global finalists will be judged in London, England led by bar legend Simon Difford. Difford will lead a prestigious jury panel that will include media, tastemakers and bar experts who will determine the Top 5 Global 2014 Peter F. Heering Sling Award finalists who will move onto Berlin, Germany to compete LIVE October 7th at BCB Bar Convent Berlin to determine the global Sling Champion.
This elite global finalists of The 2014 Peter F. Heering Sling Award will receive one personal electronic tablet containing instructions for the semi-final that take place in London, to create a 3-minute (maximum) video of their Sling-spiration.

“Do not even attempt to create a Singapore Sling if you don’t have a bottle of Cherry Heering”, stated bar legend, and noted “King Cocktail”, Dale DeGroff “Cherry Heering is the undeniable, most important and most delicious component of the Sling”

The 2014 Peter F. Heering Sling Award Top 15 scores

Country Finalist Sling Cocktail
➢ Armenia | Garnik Sahakyan | Sling’s Era
➢ Australia | Taka Shino | Bamboo Orchid
➢ Belgium | Ásgeir Bergmann Pétursson | The Sling Sling
➢ Brazil | Rafael Mariachi | The Peter’s Dream
➢ Canada | Taoufike Zrafi | The Bittered Sling
➢ Denmark | Nick Kobbernagel Hovind | The Sloe Sling
➢ England | David Hoggan | Sling Your Hook!
➢ Estonia | Sigrid Sarv | O’ Polo Sling
➢ Germany | Monika Katarina Peric | Shum Haw Sling
➢ Hong Kong | Poon Ching Wan | Maroon Sling
➢ Indonesia | Rhys Wilson | Shennong Sling
➢ Italy | Walter Gosso | Julep Slingsake
➢ New Zealand | Venetia Tiarks | The Merchant’s Daughter
➢ Norway | Erik Danilo Wistner Rafto | Rooftop Romance
➢ Poland | Stanislaw Zachariasz | Julep Sling
➢ Singapore | Aron Christian Lobrino Manzanillo | Fables of the East
➢ USA | Jon Kraus | Pepito’s Slingshot

Peter F. Heering – has had a history of 200 years as one of the first global brands (EVER) – the unique honor to be purveyor to every royal court worthy of their name while possessing the proper style, class and breeding to socialize across the courts of the world. HEERING® has always been fashionable. CHERRY HEERING® is a small but indispensable component of the world famous iconic cocktails such as The Singapore Sling, and that is exactly how HEERING® likes to be seen; as an accessory that adds lavishness, extravagance and civilization to the mix.

The world famous cocktails such as The Singapore Sling and Blood and Sand are two of Cherry Heering’s primary unique selling points – The Singapore Sling should be on the drink list in any decent bar.

HEERING® continues to evolve and recognize that even the timeless classics need a refreshing remake now and then, thus HEERING® has challenged the best of the best behind the world’s bars to create their own interpretation of The Singapore Sling and also possibly writing their name in the history of cocktails.

CHERRY HEERING liqueur is sold in more than 100 countries all over the world. For more information about Peter F Heering or The The Sling Award, please visit or

Coffee Heering Rating by


alc./vol. (70° proof)

Bin no







Natural cork stopper



Launched in 2007, this is a line extension to Cherry Heering Liqueur is a blend of Caribbean rum flavoured with an infusion of coffee and cacao beans. Coffee Heering is Kosher certified by Orthodox Union

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