Better taste, cooler name: May we present The Singaraja Sling

October 11th, 2010 by Pak Damai

Singapore’s signature cocktail is the Singapore Sling, a cherry-pineapple-gin-concoction famously originating from the legendary Long Bar at Raffles Hotel, a cocktail that by mixological magic somehow manages to be much sweeter than any of the individual ingredients put into it. Now we can present the Singaraja Sling, named after ‘our town’, the nearby city of The Lion King, Bali’s old capital, originating from the not so legendary and considerably shorter bar at the Damai. It has a much cooler name, it tastes great – and, as opposed to the Singapore Sling, children don’t actually like it


1 oz    Black Label Whisky
1/2 oz Cherry Heering liqueur
3/4 oz Jungle Honey
1/2 oz Fresh Lime juice

Shake over ice and top with sodawater.

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