Heering on mainetoday.com – Remember the Maine


….The Oak Street Bistro wants to make sure that you feel welcome, cozy, and right at home from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave full-bellied and warm. Their bar menu (and service, for that matter) are fully reflective of that intention. Take their bar lineup, for example. You might just want a beer, of which they have the usual (Bud, Sam Adams, Coors, etc.), or you could go for one of their specialty martinis or cocktails. Many of their cocktails are fruit juice-based, which normally I steer clear of, but I was convinced otherwise when I learned that all their juices # from white peach to blood orange – are fresh squeezed in-house. Or, you could go with the locally-improved “Alfred,” which is Oak Street’s take on the classic Long Island Ice tea, combining vodka, gin, triple sec, rum, tequila, sour, and Apple Schnapps. If you’re feeling the need for a concoction in an up glass, go for the “Remember the Maine” martini, which mixes whiskey, sweet vermouth, absinthe, and Cherry Heering. The list is creative, abundant, and sure to please drinkers of any ilk.

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