With the winter coming upon us, and the scarves and hats being taken out of the closet, Hg2 decided to recommend a few cocktails to go along with those winter clothes. We have scoured the world for the best drinks to warm you up on an icy winter evening.

Madame George Cocktail at the Rains Law Room, New York

Madame George- New York
Instead of the traditional rum of the tropical version of this drink, the Rains Law Room in New York has infused Irish Whiskey and Cherry Heering brandy with ginger, stewed dark cherries and lime for this hearty concoction. Ginger syrup and lime juice add a little tang, while the brandied cherry tops the drink creating the perfect zesty New York style take on the snowy season.


Roasted Chestnut Mint Julep- Amsterdam
Vesper Bar in Amsterdam has added a selection of winter specials to their menu in preparation for this year’s cold season. Among these is the roasted chestnut julep, which combines the seasonal tastes of fresh roasted chestnuts prepared in house, infused with bourbon, whiskey and mint, and finished with a dash of sugar. This sweet, hearty drink is sure to delight anyone in need of comfort after a stressful days work.


Mulled Wine- London
Winter in London is the season of mulled wine, and around October many of the bars and pubs begin to bring out their versions, each somewhat unique to them. Among Hg2’s favorites is the Cross Keys pub in Covent Garden, which combines fruits, cinnamon and a blend of sugar and other spices to create the perfect festive flavors. And why not have indulge in a mince pie to go along with it!


Hot Mojito- Moscow
The Baltshug Kempinski Hotel has prepared a selection of 5 hot cocktails for 650 rubles all of which a worth a try this winter. Braman Denis Petrov’s favorite however is the hot mojito which is sure to be a hit with all Muscovites. It is a blend of black tea leaves and cloves, both of which spice up the traditional dark rum, brown sugar and mint of a traditional mojito. This interesting twist allows you to still indulge in a typical favorite but retaining a wintery warmth.


Hot Buttered Rum- Toronto
For a slightly more traditional winter drink, why not try a hot buttered rum at Sidecar Bar and Grill in Toronto. This perfect après-ski recipe, mixes cinnamon, clove, brown sugar, lemon zest and butter with Sailor Jerry spiced rum, keeping the flavors simple, hearty and perfect for a bitter cold afternoon in the snow.




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