Serve in a shot glass. Adjust amounts to taste if desired.

Warm and Fuzzy

Pour southern comfort, triple sec, and then cherry liqueur into a shot glass.

Mexican Peter

Pour into glass and shoot!

Cherry Ooh-La-La

Shake coffee liqueur and cherry liqueur in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a large shot glass and add a splash of 7-up. Drop a cherry with no stem into the middle.

Tampon String

Layer vodka and cherry liqueur, put whipped cream on top and a cherry on that when taking the shot engulf the whole thing and after you swallow pull the stem of the cherry out.

Pablo’s Shot

Pour the scotch into a shot glass, add the cherry liqueur and amaretto. Carefully add the dubonnet rouge trying not to mix the ingredients. Repeat with the mint syrup. Shoot.

Fruit of the Loom

Pour ingredients over ice cubes in shaker glass. Shake well, and strain into shot glass.

Great Balls of Fire

Layer cherry liqueur, then Goldschlager in a shot glass.


Pour into a shot glass, and shoot.

Lick Dawn Dry

Mix in equal parts in large shot glasses.

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