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The best picknick spots in Amsterdam

(including some true hidden gems only locals know of!)

Whether you’re a local looking for some tips or traveling to Amsterdam soon and want to know the places to be with good weather. We’ve got you covered! We’ve found the nicest places of Amsterdam to have a picknick. Soak up the sun and have some fun!

We asked some Dutch influencers what their favourite spots are to chill, lay down a blanket and have a picknick. These are their favourites:

Park Frankendael & De Nieuwe Meer

“Park Frankendael is one of the most beautiful parks in Amsterdam. A nice green oasis to have a lie down and unpack your picknick basket. When at ‘De Nieuwe Meer’, busy Amsterdam feels miles away. Grab a spot in the grass near the water and you have a super chill place to have a picknick.


Also try ‘Hoftuin’: a real hidden gen right in Amsterdam’s city centre. They even have picknick tables available for the perfect picknick! A picknick at ‘De Nieuwe Diep’ feels magical almost. It’s a well-kept secret in the east side of Amsterdam. To make it even more epic, there are turtles  swimming in the lake!” (Susam, Bysam.nl)


“The Amstelpark might be the most beautiful park in Amsterdam. Once designed for the Floriade exhibition, now it is still incredibly scenic with many beautiful landscaped gardens. Unlike, for example, the Vondelpark you will not find hordes of young people here who are loudly drinking their beers. Finished with your picknick? Then make sure to walk around the park and visit the small zoos with alpacas and hairy cows or play a game of midget golf There is a large playground for children. Finish the day with a delicious cone of ice cream at the stall at the exit of the park. Once a month the Pure Market is held in the park.


A little less well-known, but certainly not less loved, is the Sloterpark. The park is just outside the ring road, which has the advantage that you will easily find parking and on most sides it will be free. Wonderfully spacious and with many beautiful picknick areas on the waterfront. On the northeast side, you can barbecue and it is full of bunnies, which are always cute to look at, right?”  (Mariska, @Flying Foodie)


“My ultimate picknick in Amsterdam in summer is in the Westerpark. During the day it’s the perfect spot for a run. In the late afternoon it’s great to enjoy a picknick. Just lay down your picknick blanket! Westerpark is cosy and there’s always a lot of hustle and bustle.

My favourite snacks for a picknick are spring rolls. They’re super easy to make and can be prepared in advance easily. Oh and needless to say, but please mind the environment and clean up after yourselves! ???” (Luuk, @Luukskitchen)


“The Central Park of Amsterdam: Vondelpark. Big, green and well maintained. It’s probably the most famous park in the city, but it is just so vibrant! It can be crowded, but it’s pretty big and I personally love people watching. As a foodie, I know to bring some good stuff. Freshly baked Turkish bread from a bakery nearby, homemade spreads such as hummus, baba ganoush and guacamole, cheese and of course a nice drink. ” (Judith, @myfoodblog_nl)

Going to one of these fine parks for a picknick? Don’t forget your picknick basket and do stop by a Jumbo or Albert Heijn for some Fizzy Peachtree cans to have a nice refreshing, ready-to-drink cocktail at hand!

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