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Organize a party at home – your best party ever

Throwing a party at your place? Make it the most legendary party ever. One which you and your friends will remember for decades!

A birthday, graduation, new job, promotion at work, or just because sunny days are around the corner. Do we really need a reason for a party? Spring makes us want to sing, dance and enjoy long evenings with friends. But how exactly do you go about planning a party? It’s easier than it might seem and with our tips, your party will go from good to great. Are you ready to roll?

Save the date

Depending on the amount of people you would like to invite and the reason for a party, it could be handy to send a save the date well in advance. If it’s a once in a lifetime happening such as a graduation or engagement party, it could be wise to plan a couple of months in advance and send out save the dates. Especially since April through October are usually packed with parties ánd holidays, give your friends and family notice. You can just text everyone that you’re planning a party and details will follow. Or you can send them actual invitations through snail mail.


We love a theme party!

Maybe the occasion is the theme, but if not you can think up a theme. These themes can be used in the decoration, the food, your outfit. Suggestions for themes are: ‘90s, green, Spain, Hawaii, pool party, gold etc.

You can find lots of inspiration for your party on Pinterest.


So, invitations have been sent. Now what? Don’t leave everything to the last minute, it will make you feel stressed and we don’t want that. A couple of weeks in advance, think about decorations. Decorations can be however elaborate or simple which you would like them to be. Napkins in the right colour scheme and flowers and plants can already be very festive. Want to go all aboard? Balloons, table cloth, inflatable letters, animals or whatever. They really can be the finishing touch. Tip: you can find cool stuff on eBay or other marketplaces, there are companies which rent out party equipment or shop online for some good bargains. If you still have lots of time, there will be enough options to be decorations cheaper.

Food & drink

One trend we’ve seen for the past couple of years is your own cocktail tap at home. A huge mason jar like item with a tap at the bottom looks super fancy and is convenient. Fill your tap with Fizzy Peachtree and some cool garnishes. Add some thinly sliced peaches to make it très instagrammable!

These taps are relatively cheap and there’s also quite some supply on eBay. Plan your food ahead. If you chose a theme, pick food which is related to the theme. Keep it simple and do use shortcuts. Make a shortlist of potential recipes. Pick recipes which aren’t too complicated and can be prepared ahead. It’s also more than fine to just buy ready made products and make a couple of foods yourself. Great party food are mezze (small Middle Eastern dishes), tapas or pinchos or a casserole which you can make ahead. Dreading going into the kitchen? Have no idea how to use the stove? Potlucks are always fun! So you could ask everyone to bring something small.

No stress

It might be a good idea to let your neighbours know you’re throwing a party. Heck, why not invite them. You might make some new friends ?. When it’s time for the party to start, relax and let the evening run its course. Enjoy yourself and the rest will too! Make sure you have enough trash bags to clean up the next day.

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