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Peachtree shines bright thanks to a refreshed brand look and according cocktail strategy

Starting September 2018 the redesigned Peachtree bottles are supplied to supermarkets as well as at bars and restaurants. While keeping iconic characteristics, such as the white and orange colours and distinct branding, the new design is more summerly, refreshing, contemporary, and cheerful. Following consumer research in the biggest markets, these attributes scored high when connected to Peachtree. Accordingly, the new packaging is more in line with the image of Peachtree.

New bottle design to leverage the Peachtree brand values

Peachtree bottle

Enjoying Peachtree awakes the summer in you: a light, free and exhilarant sensation. We all feel more alive when the sun shines. During the dark winter season we long for those sun rays to come around. And when they are finally there, you want to fully relish every second with your friends. Enjoying Peachtree with friends makes you more aware of those special moments. Because you can long about the past or dream about the future, but the only time you have is now. With each sip of Peachtree those moments with friends become everlasting and memorable.

Fizzy Peachtree - cheers

While keeping iconic characteristics, such as the white and orange colours and distinct branding, the new design is more summerly, refreshing, contemporary, and cheerful. Consumer research showed that these distinctive assets of the brand shouldn’t be changed, to maintain its recognition value. To rejuvenate Peachtree and to better fit it with the summerly, feminine, refreshing and cheerful brand image, different bottle designs that included the essential assets were tested with consumers. The new design was the preferred choice of the surveyed consumers as it underlines the lightness and mixability of this delicious, refreshing peach liqueur. It now comes with more orange, peaches drawn on the long neck and a golden closure: shiny and stylish, just like the famous liqueur itself.

Cocktail strategy combines actual trends and brand image

Consistent to the new packaging and current cocktail trends in the markets, the brand recommends a new additional signature drink – the Fizzy Peachtree. Fizzy Peachtree is a modern drink that fits the fizzy trend as well as the lower ABV and calorie trend with less calories than a glass of wine (93 kcal per serve). It is an appealing serve for many occasions to celebrate summer days with friends – in bars or at home. Such is having a Fizzy Peachtree with friends and desk mates on a friday night: the perfect refreshment after a long working day. The delicious cocktail is easy to mix: Squeeze the juice of 1/4 lime in a wine glass, add ice till the top and pour 40 ml Peachtree and 100 ml sparkling water over the ice – ready to enjoy.

Next to this new signature drink a more classic cocktail, the Sex on the Beach, accentuates the Peachtree features very well. The tropical drink epitomizes the summer, the radiating sun, the sandy beach, and the swooshing, salty ocean on the skin. There is certainly no better kick-off to a hot summer night than by having a Peachtree Sex on the Beach together. No matter if it’s on the own rooftop or out in town, it’s all about collecting memorable moments with friends while enjoying the summer with Peachtree Sex on the Beach.

Both drinks come in a new and exclusive high wine glass. Its distinctive shape and alike color scheme compared to the bottle ensures brand recognition.

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