January 2018 (Stockholm, Sweden) CHERRY HEERING has liquefied the field from over 3,000 inspired bartender entrants to 60 semifinalists, who will move into the next round of the Heering® Classics. As CHERRY HEERING’s role in cocktail history continues 200 years later, the Bicentennial of CHERRY HEERING, a feat achieved by only a handful of consumer brands worldwide, and rare in the spirits world, is continuing to grow as we now move onto the semi-final of the Heering® Classics

The Peter F Heering Classics is an annual competition in four rounds, with bartenders from around the world competing to become one of the ten finalists shaking it up at the final during London Cocktail Week 2018 anf The World´s 50 Best Bars.

Bartenders were asked to make Heering inspired cocktail creations that focue on something equally unique, a favorite classic cocktail, add Heering and give it an unexpected twist! Round one and two are completed with bartenders having created and submitted their Heering filled libations with a focus on “MODERN CLASSICS WITH A TWIST”, creating the next Modern Classic.

Cocktails must have included Cherry Heering, after all this is Modern classics brought together by the one Classic – Cherry Heering. 60 bartenders, 10 from each regio, Europe, Asia, middle East/Africa, North America, Latin America and Australasia, proceeded to Round 3.



“After travelling the world tasting the initial Peter F. Heering® Classic cocktails, it’s clear this competition is truly all about the bartenders.”, said Adéle Robberstad, CEO Peter F. Heering


A once in a lifetime opportunity – Become the 200 years celebration cocktail, and a new signature cocktail for HEERING.


Apart from the honour and media exposure, all TEN finalists get airfare and three hotel nights in London during London Cocktail week and will be part of the Worlds 50 Best Bar Ceremony. They will all be filmed and part of the Heering Legends at Difford’s Guide for global distribution. The Grand Prize winner will receive a Stelton shaker and a 3-st op trip around the world to meet and learn from some of the best behind the bars, at some of the Worlds 50 Best Venues.


It is often noted by bartenders, that the classic two-volume The Gentleman’s Companion, first published in 1939 by Charles H. Baker (one of the first original cocktail books in the world and still one of the most important) there are more than 130+ cocktail recipes that include Cherry Brandy (thusly, CHERRY HEERING) that is how important CHERRY HEERING has been in cocktails, past, present & future


ROUND 3 (April 16-May 22, 2018)

To celebrate 200 tasteful years, CHERRY HEERING will invite the top 60 semifinalist bartenders to create a 200 Years Celebration Cocktail. The cocktail should be a tribute to Cherry Heering turning 200 years – a cocktail contribution for the next century to come –be timeless, i.e. the next Modern Classic – Embodying everything that Heering stands for.

The 60 semifinalist bartenders will then get to present their cocktails themselves in a video. The top ten finalists will then proceed to the final round.

ROUND 4 (October 2018)


The finalists will personally present their take on the 200 Years Celebration Cocktail at the final during London Cocktail Week 2018 and The World’s 50 Best Bars. They will be judged by our international expert jury lead by Simon Difford and cocktail experts from around the world. The finalists will have the unique experience to meet w the judges, one by one, and get personal advice, receive expert coaching and filmed by Difford’s Guide for Heering Legends.

About 1818  

In 1818, the young Peter F. Heering saw the intrinsic potential in an old cherry liqueur recipe that was bestowed upon him. The word spread and soon everybody wanted a taste of the sophisticated Danish liqueur. As with all things fashionable, the aristocracy caught on and before long, Peter F. Heering’s liqueur company was purveyor to royal courts from Great Britain to Japan.

During all of its 200-year-long history, Cherry Heering has been a small but indispensable component of iconic cocktails such as the Singapore Sling and Blood and Sand. Today, as we celebrate the iconic cherry liqueur’s 200th anniversary, Heering can be found in every cocktail bar worth their salt – and will surely remain there for at least another 200 years.

About Peter F. Heering

Cherry Heering was integrated into the premium portfolio of the traditional Dutch family owned company De Kuyper Royal Distillers in October 2017. HEERING liqueur is sold in more than 100 countries all over the world. For more information about Peter F. Heering, please visit https://www.heering.com  www.facebook.com/heeringliqueur https://twitter.com/heering https://www.instagram.com/cherryheering

MEDIA Contact: Global | Anna-Karin Olofsson |Anna-karin@heering.com | Peter F Heering (o) +46 8 412 60 40 (m) +46 70 23 99 100

Tom Terrific on Foodandwine.com

This slightly spritzy cocktail features India Pale Ale and Old Tom, an 18th-century-style of gin that’s a little sweeter and less juniper-forward than modern versions.

the Mansion House Sling on yorkmix.com

Move over the Singapore Sling – we have a new classic cocktail created much closer to home.

It’s called the Mansion House Sling – and it packs a punch.

The drink has been conceived by The Ivy St Helen’s Square in honour of its neighbour, the Mansion House

Created to celebrate the official reopening of the Mansion House – the official residence of the Lord Mayor – as part of York Residents’ Weekend, the cocktail will be available from Saturday, January 27 – priced £9.75.

And boy does it pack a punch. A twist on the classic ‘Raffles’ Singapore Sling, the Mansion House Sling will feature The Ivy Centenary Gin, Cherry Heering, Bénédictine, Bitters, lime, pineapple and grenadine.

The newly-restored Mansion House reopened briefly last December for Christmas, following a £2.6 million restoration, but will officially reopen to the public on January 27.

“The Mansion House Sling features our Ivy Centenary Gin, which launched last year to celebrate The Ivy, West Street’s 100th year anniversary,” said David Thompson, group beverage manager for The Ivy Collection.

“This premium spirit is the perfect base ingredient for our cocktail to mark our neighbour’s ‘Year of Grandeur’ campaign.

“This limited-edition cocktail will be served in a highball and garnished with a maraschino cherry and lime wedge.”

General manager of The Ivy St Helen’s Square Jon Pinner said: “The Lord Mayor hasn’t tried it yet.

“She is becoming a regular over here at the Ivy, so on her next visit we’ll make sure she gets one as soon as she arrives.”

Video: Making York’s brand new cocktail – the Mansion House Sling


Royal Dutch Distillers is New USA Importer of Cherry Heering on marketwatch.com

A true Modern Classic: Brand celebrates 200th anniversary in 2018

MIAMI and SCHIEDAM, Netherlands, January 3, 2018 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — MIAMI and SCHIEDAM, Netherlands, January 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

Following its recent global acquisition, Cherry Heering Liqueur will be available to bartenders and consumers across the United States through Royal Dutch Distillers. The Miami-based subsidiary of De Kuyper Royal Distillers will act as the exclusive importer and sales and marketing force of the renowned and well-established Cherry Heering brand. De Kuyper, well known for the world’s largest brand of premium cocktail liqueurs, had announced the acquisition of Cherry Heering in October 2017.

(Photo: http://mma.prnewswire.com/media/623838/Royal_Dutch_Distillers_Cherry_Heering.jpg)

Cherry Heering, probably the oldest cherry liqueur in the world, was established in 1818. It is known as the original “Cherry Brandy” and contributed to the creation of some of the most legendary cocktails. The very first “Singapore Sling” was created with Cherry Heering and, since then, the brand has been the global reference for this famous cocktail. Today it is still the essential ingredient and global reference for such world-famous cocktails as the “Blood and Sand” and the “Copenhagen.”

“The United States is the number one cocktail market in the world, and a key market for Cherry Heering,” says Mark de Witte, CEO of De Kuyper. “We are very pleased that we can now bring this internationally recognized and iconic brand to bartenders and retailers in the US, in conjunction with the other great brands in the portfolio of Royal Dutch Distillers:  Rutte Gins and Genever, Mandarine Napoléon, Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto, Half Hitch Gin and ChocoVine. We are continuously looking to extend our range of premium brands to offer customers a most complete portfolio. Just like our premium spirits, Cherry Heering is the global reference for a variety of classic cocktails and fully in line with our Global Company Strategy and vision to ‘Own the Cocktail'”.

“The Cherry Heering brand is well-established and has a high level of recognition in the US bartender community,” says Adéle Robberstad, CEO of Peter F. Heering company. “We are very proud and grateful for this close relationship with the US on-premise and will continuously build on it with our constant support.”

Marc De Kuyper, an 11th-generation De Kuyper family member and CEO of Royal Dutch Distillers in the US, comments: “We are very happy to take over the brand that’s in such good shape thanks to the great work done by Royal Wines over the last couple of years. 2018 marks the 200 [th] anniversary of Cherry Heering and we’re very much looking forward to celebrating this great heritage brand together with our customers. For the anniversary, we’ll support sales of this modern classic with a new marketing campaign, including specials such as a Special Edition Label and a holiday gift box.”

US media contact Royal Dutch Distillers:

Stephanie Jerzy, Customer Marketing Director, stephanie.jerzy@royaldistillers.com, +1-305-901-1444 x 208

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