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So here we are revisiting an old cocktail buddy of ours, which I made roughly 5½ years ago, the Blood and Sand – cocktail. As we can clearly see from back then, I made a piss-poor job with it. But I’ve come wiser ever since 😀 Now using proper ingredients and more know-how, let’s see how a GOOD Blood and Sand is done!
  • 2 cl scotch (I used JW 12yo black, for my upcoming video I will try the Balvenie 12yo)
  • 2 cl heering cherry brandy
  • 2 cl sweet vermouth
  • 2 cl (blood)orange juice, fresh
Shake everything with ice, strain and garnish with an orange peel. So after five years now and using proper vermouth, proper scotch, proper orange juice and proper cherry brandy, what do you think of the results? A proper cocktail. Mild-ish, sweet with distinct cherry flavor to it. At least a thousand times better than back then 😀 The best part? Change the scotch to something else (non-smoky!) and let the twist make wonders to your drink.

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