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Amazingly, a Swedish bartender has won the global competition Heering Sling Awards 2015 as the legendary Singapore Sling celebrates its 100th anniversary this year!

‘Heering’ is of course Peter F. Heering, which since 1818 has produced the world-famous liqueur Heering Cherry.

The competition consisted this year of two parts: One part was a cocktail competition where bartenders from all over the world got to send their two best interpretations of the Singapore Sling. The second part, called ‘Here’s to the tiger’, was a charity project where bars all over the world joined to raise funds in support of the world’s tigers.

The first part was settled on 22 September, with the Swede Christoffer Johansson, as the final overall winner. He works at the newly opened restaurant Pix Pintxos & Cocktails in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Christoffer will now, together with the other four final finalists and one representative each of the four bars that donated the most money to the Tigers, travel to the legendary Raffles Hotel in Singapore, where the original Singapore Sling first saw the light of day in 1915.

The Singapore Sling was the creation of bartender Ngiam Tong Boon in 1915, and since then not visit to the city has ever been complete without a stop at the fabled Long Bar to enjoy this classic cocktail.

The drink back then, as now, consisted of Cherry Heering cherry liqueur mixed with gin, orange liqueur, herbal liqueur, lime, pineapple, bitters and grenadine. Today, the drink itself is a million-dollar industry for the iconic hotel bar and it even has its own bar school to train new staff in creating this legendary drink.

Christoffer’s winning drink Chris Cross Bitter Sling is a deep but refreshing interpretation, which besides Cherry Heering cherry liqueur consists in Antica Formula vermouth, Suze gentian, grapefruit, lemon, honey and Cava served in a tall glass with ice.

The Singapore Sling has become more myth than cocktail. Despite being considered the de facto national drink of Singapore, its modern-day mix comes in so many forms.

Raffles-Hotel-Singapore-facadeIn September 2012 Raffles Hotel Singapore, named after Sir Stamford Raffles, founder of Singapore, celebrated 125 years since the hotel’s opening in 1887. The iconic cocktail creation was then celebrated along with the hotel. Long Bar then created a new champagne sling. The 1887 sling, with a base of the hotel’s limited-edition Billecart-Salmon Brut Réserve champagne, offers a subtle twist on the hotel’s traditional recipe. While the recipe for this intricate cocktail will be kept a closely guarded secret, its creator, Randolf Velasco, reveals that Gordons gin, cointreau and essence of orange, lemon and lime all contribute to the libation’s one-of-a-kind flavor.

The indulgent anniversary sling, was then offered exclusively at Raffles hotels worldwide, inviting guests to share in the nation’s great classic cocktail and in the spirit of local tradition, spark a debate over its real recipe.

Raffles, now spreading its wings all over the world, have sister hotels in Paris, Dubai, Cambodia, the Seychelles, Beijing and the Holy City of Makkah.

Peter F. Heering Announces 2015 Sling Award Top 5 Finalists on nightclub.com/

Nightclub & Bar,  September 28, 2015

Raise your hands – this centenarian knows how to celebrate in  style



To celebrate SINGAPORE SLING’S 100TH ANNIVERSARY in 2015, Peter F. Heering invited bartenders from all over the world to create exciting versions of the legendary Singapore Sling.

“It’s a real honour to be part of such a prestigious competition. All the bartenders are incredibly talented and we had a hard time picking the five best Sling menus. I’m looking forward to see what these future cocktail gurus will accomplish.” – DAVID WONDRICH, Drinks Historian.

To compete in the 2015 Sling Award, each bartender presented a Sling menu consisting of three different Slings. There can only be one winner of the 2015 Sling Award, but the jury has selected 5 lucky bartenders to join us to Singapore and the legendary Raffles Hotel where the Singapore Sling was once born. These five bartenders will join us to Singapore and the legendary Raffles Hotel in November to show us their interpretations of the iconic Singapore Sling. The fabulous five will also have their Sling menus immortalized in the legendary Difford’s Guide.


1. SWEDEN, Christoffer Johansson, Puta Madre,  Chris-Cross Bitter Sling

2. CHINA, Hungie Fong, Origin, Tiger Tiger Plum

3. IRELAND, Richard Grimsey, Classic Restaurant Limavady,  Tiger Lilly

4. AUSTRALIA, Matthias Aso, Sydney Hilton Zeta Bar, The Cup Cake Sling

5. FRANCE, Jeremy Lafrance, Le Calbar, 100 of a Tiger




ELIXIR, San Francisco

THE ENVOY, Hong Kong



The fantastic four will join the five bartenders to Singapore to celebrate the Singapore Sling’s 100th anniversary.


We’d also like to propose a toast to our global expert jury for the NYC finale:

DAVID WONDRICH. Widely acclaimed drinks historian, drinks correspondent for Esquire magazine, author of highly influential Imbibe! and Punch, guest lecturer and founding partner in Beverage Alcohol Resource.

JULIE REINER. Cocktail icon and founder of internationally top ranking bars Flatiron Lounge, Pegu Club and Clover Club. Clover Club has been listed in Drinks International’s “The World’s 50 Best Bars” two years in a row. Julie was Awarded “Best Bar Mentor” at Tales of the Cocktail 2014.

JOAQUÍN SIMÓ. Multi-awarded mixologist and owner of Pouring Ribbons. Joaquín has served as panelist at Tales of the Cocktail, the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, the Copenhagen Spirits & Cocktail Conference, Paris Cocktail Spirits and the Gourmet Latino Festival.

TOBY CECCHINI. Writer and bartender who graced Death & Company and Fort Defiance with his bartending skills before founding the widely acclaimed Long Island Bar in 2013. Toby has written Cosmopolitan: A Bartender’s Life as well as numerous articles for GQ, Food and Wine, Saveur and The New York Times.

SAM ROSS. Bartender extraordinaire, multiple Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards nominee and 2011’s American Bartender of the Year. Sam re-christened Sasha Petraske’s influential cocktail bar Milk & Honey as Attaboy in 2013 and continues Sasha’s legacy of classical techniques and craft cocktails.

ANDY SEYMOUR, our host, counts over twenty years experience in the bar, restaurant and hospitality industry, and has emerged as one of the leading educators and consultants on all matters of beverage. Through his company Liquid Productions, and as a partner in Beverage Alcohol Resource (BAR), Andy has devoted his energies to the understanding of today’s cocktail culture, to developing education and beverage programs and to creating events that bring that culture to an even greater audience.

PETER F. HEERING SLING AWARD 2015 PRESS RELEASE Country Name Bar/Restaurant/Signature cocktail 12345 Bar/Restaurant We’d also like to propose a toast to our global expert jury for the NYC finale:

Ny Danmarksmester fundet! by Drinksmeister.dk


I weekenden bliv den nye Danmarks mester i Freestyle bartender fundet. Arrangementet blev afholdt på Fidels, inde på dronningens tværgade i København. Her mødte 14 bartendere fra hele landet op for at dyste mod hinanden inden for kunnen, kreativitet og innovation.

Blandt deltagerne i konkurrencen, var bartendere fra Rubys, Umami, Madam chu´s og madklubben.

Deltagerne fik en ”Mistory Box” udleveret og ud fra denne havde de 20 min. Forberedelse

Efter de 20 min. Skulle de på scenen og vise for publikummet, hvad de havde fundet frem til. Efter at alle havde deltaget, skulle de 4 bedste på igen, denne gang måtte de vælge 1 flaske blandt vores gourmet spiritus og så havde de nu igen 20 minutters forberedelses tid. Denne gang dog foran gæsterne.

Vinderen blev bartenderen Jonas Møller Sørensen fra Y’s Café & Cocktailbar med sin Cocktail: Smokey Joe

Smokey Joe opskrift:

6 cl Port Charlotte Scottish Barley – Single malt
1 cl Valhalla likør
2cl Cherry heering likør
2cl Monin granatæble sirup
Toppet med Schweppes lemon
1-2 dash Angostura bitters
Ønsker man at smage cocktailen, som vandt i år, vil dette være muligt inde på Y´s cocktailbar.


Rejse til Berlin bar convent værdi 7.000 kr.
Masterson’s Rye 70 cl Whiskey værdi 900 kr.
Gavekort til MixMeister.dk – Værdi 500 kr.
Hvad: DM i Freestyle bartending
Sted: Fidel’s, Dronningens Tværgade 9
Arrangør: DrinksMeister ApS

Calling the Shots on austinchronicle.com

The women defining Austin’s cocktail culture


Pam Pritchard
Calling the Shots
If you’re near the North Loop area, a visit to the Tigress Pub is de rigueur. A native of Santa Barbara, Calif., Pam Pritchard opened her homey mini-pub and cocktail lounge in 2010 with barely enough room for 20 patrons. Today, she has doubled the space to accommodate legions of dedicated regulars. Pritchard is a gregarious lady who will gladly serve a side of friendly conversation alongside the classic cocktails that comprise her menu. Her small, seasonally changing cocktail list features pre-prohibition standards served in appropriate glasses from her collection of vintage thrift store finds. “I like to change the list about every six weeks; it keeps us happy behind the bar, and it’s a great way to learn new cocktails,” she tells me. “When I opened, I think I knew about three cocktails without looking at the recipe cards. I was often scared and excited for hours on end. Now, I’m much more a manager-leader-creative gal. I experiment a lot, but often using the classic cocktail structure as a starting point for most cocktails I create. I tell my customers that I think of a cocktail like this: featured spirit, supporting spirit, with the sweet and juice as the yin-yang part, and bitters as the salt and pepper.” A recent example: a cocktail named “That’s MY Rabbit,” blending rye whiskey, Cherry Heering, Cointreau, ginger liqueur, lemon juice, and Peychaud’s bitters, described as “inspired by an episode of season four of The Walking Dead, where Daryl is forced to go halfzys on a dead rabbit.”

But Pritchard is, first and foremost, a great host. “I like to tweak a cocktail for a customer to make it just what they might enjoy best. Because I’ve changed it dozens of times now, I don’t usually have staples on the menu. However, we can usually make something from our greatest hits list. At the Tigress, you will always be able to get a French 75, Blood & Sand, Ward 8, Moscow Mule, Manhattan, Sazerac, or Old Fashioned. If you can’t remember it, we will help you!” When asked about the incredible success of her little endeavor, she is humble and sweet. “I had no idea so many people would enjoy what I was doing, I just went into it knowing I liked good cocktails and people, and believed the rest would fall into place somehow.”

Top Finalists in 2015 Peter F Heering Sling Award on BarBizmag.com

20 national winners made it among over 2,000 entries and got the honour to present their Sling menus to our international expert jury. 20 were to become 10, but the high level of skill among the contestants made it impossible to choose less than 12.

Pressrelease Heering.com



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