This Danish liqueur has been made since 1818 and has very little in common with any other cherry spirits, most of which are unsweetened (in the case of eau de vies) or compounded of numerous unnatural ingredients (in the case of an abomination like cherry pucker). Heering is made from real Danish cherries as well as almonds and spices.

There is intensely sweet candied fruit on the nose along with almond. The taste is very sweet with bright cherry and spice and a subtle almond note. Heering has a lush mouth feel and a long finish.


Espresso-martini med kaffelikør i Mad og Bolig

Servér en dessertcocktail, hvor sødmen fra likørerne balancerer smukt sammen med bitterheden fra espressoen. MASH står bag denne opskrift på espresso-martini, der på fineste vis afrunder en god middag.


En sofistikeret dessertcocktail med espresso og likør – det er, hvad barchef Nikolaj Brøndsted fra MASH har udviklet. Nyd den efter en god middag.

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Ingredienser til espresso-martini:
2 cl. Licor 43

3 cl. vodka

1 cl. Heering Coffee likør (eller en anden kaffelikør)

2,5 – 3 cl friskbrygget espresso

Garnér med kaffebønner eller lidt revet muskatnød

Sådan laver du espresso-martini:
Kom alle ingredienser i en shaker med isterninger. Ryst shakeren kraftigt og si over i et afkølet cocktailglas. Ryst shakeren lidt, mens du skænker op for at få alt skummet med. Garner med 3 kaffebønner og server straks.




50 ml Cherry Heering
5 ml   Box Peat Monster
1 whole egg
12,5 ml Demerara & Chai syrup
Top up with Craft Stout

Dry-shake the Heering, Peat Monster, the whole egg & chai syrup with a Hawthorne spring. Remove the spring, add ice and shake again, HARD. Pour into the chilled sling/large goblet and top up with stout. Garnish with grated nutmeg and serve.

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Two Great Cookbooks for Hanukkah 2014 on

…Eating Delancey, is Mr. Rezny’s personal homage to the vanishing flavors of his youth. Similarly, Mr. Schaps waxes nostalgic about his bubbe Ethel Raben and the meals he consumed in her Russian-Yiddish-American kitchen. Mr. Rezny photographs the semaphores of their combined history — bagels, halvah, knishes, seltzer bottles — with the same intention. The photographs of iconic quaffs — a bottle of Cherry Heering, Slivovitz, a bottle top of Cel-ray soda, tea in a glass are stunning in their simplicity. And the luster of the finished dishes — a slice of creamy cheesecake, Schwartz’s sweet and sour flanken, even matzo brei, a monochrome dish if there ever was one, here looks sensuous…

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