..Next, jitterbug your way through the 1920’s Gatsby-esque room, or take a seat in one of the couch areas, sectioned off by gorgeous crystal beaded curtains. After you’ve polished off one of Meghan Dorman’s 15 outrageous cocktail creations, such as the Madame George (Irish whiskey, cherry heering, ginger, lime, and club soda), waltz back to the gilded age of the 1880’s. Here you’ll find a bar, complete with romantic lighting, rustic wood paneling and red velvet couches…….




July – 2014 (Stockholm, Sweden) — The top Sling Stars with highest scores have been announced. The top fifteen became top seventeen due to dead even between three countries |The 2014 Peter F. Heering Sling Award is shouting out to the world which has grown from 27 participating countries last year to now 44 participating Sling inspired countries.

The Peter F. Heering brand has elevated the Sling Award competition to one of the world’s greatest and largest cocktail competitions and more importantly lifted this extremely talented group of global bar-stars into rare air in the ever-growing global cocktail scene competitions.

All 44 Peter F. Heering Sling Award National winners were afforded a stipend to support cocktail menus, cocktails of the month or whatever they felt would inspire their guests, friends and family to raise their profile and their Sling achievement, in addition the National winners were encouraged to utilize their social media to maximize the “peoples” vote aspect of the competition.
The global finalists will be judged in London, England led by bar legend Simon Difford. Difford will lead a prestigious jury panel that will include media, tastemakers and bar experts who will determine the Top 5 Global 2014 Peter F. Heering Sling Award finalists who will move onto Berlin, Germany to compete LIVE October 7th at BCB Bar Convent Berlin to determine the global Sling Champion.
This elite global finalists of The 2014 Peter F. Heering Sling Award will receive one personal electronic tablet containing instructions for the semi-final that take place in London, to create a 3-minute (maximum) video of their Sling-spiration.

“Do not even attempt to create a Singapore Sling if you don’t have a bottle of Cherry Heering”, stated bar legend, and noted “King Cocktail”, Dale DeGroff “Cherry Heering is the undeniable, most important and most delicious component of the Sling”

The 2014 Peter F. Heering Sling Award Top 15 scores

Country Finalist Sling Cocktail
➢ Armenia | Garnik Sahakyan | Sling’s Era
➢ Australia | Taka Shino | Bamboo Orchid
➢ Belgium | Ásgeir Bergmann Pétursson | The Sling Sling
➢ Brazil | Rafael Mariachi | The Peter’s Dream
➢ Canada | Taoufike Zrafi | The Bittered Sling
➢ Denmark | Nick Kobbernagel Hovind | The Sloe Sling
➢ England | David Hoggan | Sling Your Hook!
➢ Estonia | Sigrid Sarv | O’ Polo Sling
➢ Germany | Monika Katarina Peric | Shum Haw Sling
➢ Hong Kong | Poon Ching Wan | Maroon Sling
➢ Indonesia | Rhys Wilson | Shennong Sling
➢ Italy | Walter Gosso | Julep Slingsake
➢ New Zealand | Venetia Tiarks | The Merchant’s Daughter
➢ Norway | Erik Danilo Wistner Rafto | Rooftop Romance
➢ Poland | Stanislaw Zachariasz | Julep Sling
➢ Singapore | Aron Christian Lobrino Manzanillo | Fables of the East
➢ USA | Jon Kraus | Pepito’s Slingshot

Peter F. Heering – has had a history of 200 years as one of the first global brands (EVER) – the unique honor to be purveyor to every royal court worthy of their name while possessing the proper style, class and breeding to socialize across the courts of the world. HEERING® has always been fashionable. CHERRY HEERING® is a small but indispensable component of the world famous iconic cocktails such as The Singapore Sling, and that is exactly how HEERING® likes to be seen; as an accessory that adds lavishness, extravagance and civilization to the mix.

The world famous cocktails such as The Singapore Sling and Blood and Sand are two of Cherry Heering’s primary unique selling points – The Singapore Sling should be on the drink list in any decent bar.

HEERING® continues to evolve and recognize that even the timeless classics need a refreshing remake now and then, thus HEERING® has challenged the best of the best behind the world’s bars to create their own interpretation of The Singapore Sling and also possibly writing their name in the history of cocktails.

CHERRY HEERING liqueur is sold in more than 100 countries all over the world. For more information about Peter F Heering or The The Sling Award, please visit or

101 Best New Cocktails: The Haji Sling by Ian Loh, Helvetica, Perth, Australia

The Haji Sling

Ian Loh, Helvetica, Perth, Australia

“For the love of Angostura Bitters. A twist on the Singapore Sling, named after the quirky Haji Laneway in Singapore,” Ian Loh

20 ml (.66 oz) Angostura BittersOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

20 ml (.66 oz) Cherry Heering

20 ml (.66 oz) Bénédictine

20 ml (.66 oz) fresh lime juice

12.5ml (.4 oz) orgeat

Rum Float

1 lime wheel and one cherry, as garnishes

Shake over ice, reserving the rum, and strain into an ice-filled highball glass. Float your rum of choice, and add the garnishes

gaz sez: Oh yes, oh yes, oh, yes. Gimme them Angostura Bitters, and marry them off to a couple of fine liqueurs, a touch of lime juice, and a dab of orgeat. Simply divine. My kind of summer drink, for sure.

101 Best New Cocktails: Bent Thumbtack by Tate Darwin, Jack & Charlie’s, Visalia, CA, USA

Bent Thumbtack

Tate Darwin, Jack & Charlie’s, Visalia, CA, USA

45 ml (1.5 oz) Redbreast 12 year old Irish whiskeyBent Thumbtack – Copy

7.5 ml (.25 oz) Cherry Heering

7.5 ml (.25 oz) Dancing Pines Chai Liqueur*

2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters

1 lemon twist, as garnish

Stir over ice, and strain into a double old-fashioned glass containing 1 large ice cube. Add the garnish

*From the Dancing Pines Web Site

“Our most popular liqueur for a reason, there is truly nothing else like it. Dancing Pines Chai Liqueur is painstakingly created as an authentic Chai tea. We carefully balance the flavors from whole leaf black tea and five spices. The result is a delightful liqueur worth enjoying neat or adding to your next favorite cocktail! Winner of a Double Gold Medal at the San Fransisco World Spirits Competition. Top 50 spirits of 2012 and 96 points by Wine Enthusiast.”

gaz sez: You can’t go wrong here. This cheeky bugger builds into a crescendo that will have you singing from the mountain top. A fine drink, indeed.

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