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Scotch based cocktails are a rare breed. Like a driver from Minnesota who knows how to merge onto the highway. That was for my lovely wife who thinks we Minnesotans can’t merge because we’re all too nice to cut in front of each other. It’s mostly true.

This cocktail is one of a handful of traditional scotch cocktails you can make. You start with some good scotch; you’ll need to experiment with which taste you prefer. I’ve used The Balvenie 12 year old because it’s what I have on hand. Add some orange juice. Then comes the sweet vermouth and finally, the ingredient that you probably don’t have…the Cherry Heering! This is a cherry liqueur that can be had for about $20 and it will last a long time. This stuff has been made since 1818. I bet you don’t even remember what you were doing that year! Read more about this delightful liqueur here.

The Blood and Sand is named after a Rudolph Valentino movie from 1922. Haven’t seen it, but it makes for a helluva drink. I chose not to garnish this with a cherry because I thought the drink stood up by itself quite nicely. This is an inspiring drink. You might want more than one, but drink responsibly kids (21 and over obvs). It might even inspire us Minnesotans to step on the gas and merge like a champ. Side note: It’s not about being polite on the road fellow Minnesotans. It’s about driving right, which means adjusting your speed to properly merge without disrupting the flow of traffic to a halt. Phew, I said it.

Here’s the recipe:

1 oz Scotch
1 oz orange juice
3/4 oz cherry brandy (Cherry Heering is the best)
3/4 oz sweet vermouth

1. Combine ingredients in an iced cocktail shaker.
2. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass.
3. Garnish for a cherry if you wish, but I didn’t.

Recipe courtesy of Ted Haigh from Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails

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