Just In Time For Hanukkah: A New Spin On Recipes From Cherry Heering Liqueur

The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah is upon us and the first night is this Saturday night, December 8th.  When I think of Hanukkah, I think about the opportunity to get together with friends and family. In today’s world of endless online resources, Hanukkah party planningrecipescrafts, and gifts are trending on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

I have very fond memories of the latkes my mother made.  I can still smell the onion and freshly peeled potato coming from her suburban kitchen. The oil would “pop” as each spoonful of the potato latke mixture was dropped into the pan. I remember counting the minutes until I could eat one (I always had several) topped with sour cream and apple sauce. Yes, the miracle of the oil was definitely symbolized in those latkes.

Now that I have my own home and planning my own Hanukkah party, I really wanted to focus on recipes to help wash down the latkes. What better desserts and beverages to wash down the latkes a dessert made with Cherry Heering Liqueur.

Following the potato latkes, I plan on serving this recipe for “Boozy” Donuts with Creme Brulee topping! I still remember when I was pregnant with my daughter and craving Hanukkah donuts so badly that I made my husband go wait in line at a bakery so he could get first batch out of the oven. These donuts, also known as sufganiot, are filled with custard, chocolate, and/or caramel. While my favorite was always the custard filling, I have a new found appreciation for “Boozy” donuts. This is the batch that the kids shouldn’t take from, just an FYI!

Boozy Donuts with Crème Brulee Topping

6 sugar-covered donuts 1/2 cup of sugar  3 oz. either coffee or cherry Heering Liqueur


Heat the donuts in the oven at 250 degrees for 5 minutes.

On a plate add the sugar, brush the top of the warm donuts with water and drip in the sugar.

Insert and fill the liqueur in multiple spots of the bottom of the donuts with a small turkey baster/or cake decorating tool about 1/2 oz. per donut

With a crème brulee torch, burn the sugar top of the donuts to a hard sugar topping. If you don’t have a creme brulee torch, you can simply put in the oven on broil for a few minutes till the sugar caramelizes.

Serve right away while warm!

Nothing goes better with these delicious “boozy” donuts than a Coffee Latte. While you are watching the candles burn low, why not sip on a Coffee Heering Liqueur Latte.

Coffee Latte

1 ½ oz. Coffee Heering Liqueur Steamed Milk (may use skim)


Pour Coffee Heering into a mug add Steamed Milk Garnish with chocolate shavings

If you prefer the Cherry Heering Liqueur, try this lovely recipe for Cheery Hot Chocolate:

Cherry Hot Chocolate

1 ½ oz. Cherry Heering Hot Chocolate Topping suggestions: Marshmallows’ & hot chili flakes

This next drink reminds me of my dad. He always ordered an Egg Cream (while I made a face of disgust) when we were at his favorite deli. I now think that I could appreciate this drink, especially this version:

Heering Coffee Egg Cream

2 tablespoons chocolate syrup 1 shot/2oz Heering Coffee Liqueur 3/4 cup cold milk 3/4 cup coldseltzer water


In a 12-ounce glass, stir together chocolate syrup, Heering coffee liqueur, and milk. Top with seltzer and stir. Serve immediately with straw.

What is your favorite way to serve Cherry Heering Liqueur or Heering Coffee Liqueur? Any way you choose, you should drink responsibly!


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