Retro Fun With Cherry Heering on

I’m hosting a party Wednesday night for 100 people and a big seudah on Thursday. Aside from the logistics involved in hosting that many people, I had to decide what food and drinks to serve. So, I’ve decided to go for classic cocktails made with Cherry Heering!

After all, everything retro is hot now. From the retro style displayed on the small screen in shows like Mad Men and PanAm to some very familiar fashions making their way down the runway again at New York Fashion Week – what’s old is new again. So, I figured why not make a retro-theme Purim complete with everyone’s favorite retro Liqueur – Cherry Heering.

In case you missed the craze the first time around, just know that in the late 60’s and 70’s you could find a bottle of Cherry Heering in almost every Jewish home and shul – it was the liqueur to have. So, whether you are feeling nostalgic, or if you just want a delicious and versatile liqueur on hand, maybe you should stock up on some too.

Besides, it goes wonderfully with hamantaschen or other sweet treats in Purim baskets and after Purim, I plan to use any extra for parties or Shabbos dinners.  It’s great because Cherry Heering and the equally delicious new Coffee Heering Liqueur are both certified OU Kosher and Parve!

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