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Embers, acclaimed in Boca Park for ‘steaks, ribs, and spirits,’ is setting itself apart from surrounding upscale eateries with its ethnic nights out.  Every once in a while, this restaurant will take a break from the traditional menu and dedicate its kitchen to an international prix-fixe pairing dinner.  This cultural celebration is becoming more of a monthly habit, making an excellent outlet for the gourmet diner looking to change things up.

On its most recent world tour, Embers featured a ‘Journey through Scotland’ dinner, where guests feasted on a five-course meal with a different fine Scotch accompanying every step of the way.

A Blood and Sand cocktail started the night on a sweet note with Cherry Heering Liqueur and orange juice balancing Sweet Vermouth and the first taste of Scotch.  The food opened up with a spread of Scottish favorites: house-made haggis, a Scotch egg, and black pudding.  Rich, savory flavors you won’t be able to find too many places across town; just be sure to try them before looking up the ingredients [as if that won’t send everyone to Google in the next 10 seconds].

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