Cherry Heering on living/restaurants


The sun may go down before 5, but at least happy hour starts around the same time. A cocktail or two will warm you right up, like the winter sangria at Eleven, a potent mix of cabernet sauvignon, Cherry Heering, apricot Brandy, cranberry, maple whisky liqueur and fresh fruit. At Salt of the Earth in Garfield, bar manager Summer Voelker is putting the finishing touches on juniper eggnog with Stregga and bourbon, while sister restaurants Brix on the North side and Toast! Kitchen and Wine Bar in Shadyside are serving up mulled wine. A fine glass of liquor feels warming all on its own, and you could spend all winter working your way through the whiskey offerings at Piper’s Pub on the South Side, or the tequila list at the new Verde Mexican Kitchen and Cantina in Friendship.

Wherever you go this season, sit and sip awhile and enjoy the feeling of being cozy and well-fed. You may even find yourself wishing that winter would never end.

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