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 ( – Bookended by the Carlsberg and Tuborg breweries, the Danes have long been a nation of beer drinkers. But a new generation of bartenders is now driving a vibrant cocktail culture in Copenhagen.

And as of two years ago, the city has its own signature quaff, the Copenhagen Cocktail. Created by Gromit Eduardsen, bartending partner at 1105 (<>), the drink has a cheery pink hue and lightly fruity flavour and won a contest sponsored by Danish liqueur brand Cherry Heering. (Cherry Heering also is a key ingredient in the classic Singapore Sling and Blood & Sand cocktails.)

However, don’t expect to find the drink on every cocktail menu in town.

At Ruby (<>), offerings run to classics and seasonal libations with international influence, such as the Mirabellini (hazelnut-infused pisco shaken with Mirabelle plum jam and topped with dry Champagne). Hidden speakeasy The Union (Store Strandstræde 19; 1255 København K) is also noted for its excellent drinks, which flow from midnight until the wee hours – but don’t look for the Copenhagen Cocktail there either.

You can however get one at Mash (<>), short for “Modern American Steak House,” a prime venue for business lunches and dinners. “It has a great bar team,” Eduardsen says, “and it’s probably the best steak house in Scandinavia.”

Among Eduardsen’s rather lengthy list of other must-drink spots: The streamlined Oak Room (<>) in the Nørrobro “Latin Quarter” district, “seductive 1800s-style cocktails” at Salon 39 (<>) in Frederiksberg, and pretty much any of the myriad new bars opening at a fast clip in the hip meat-packing district known as Kødbyen (the name translates as “Meat City”).

For work-hard/play-hard types, Copenhagen “rocks all night long,” says Eduardsen, pointing to Simon’s Copenhagen (<here>) as a great example; the late-night dance spot is housed in an old art gallery. Not a bad way to get your Copenhagen Cocktail on.

RECIPE: Copenhagen Cocktail

(Courtesy of Gromit Eduardsen)

5 cl Genever

2 cl Cherry Heering

2 cl freshly pressed lime juice

2 cl Sirop de gomme (sugar syrup)

Dash of Angostura bitters

Shake over ice. Strain into chilled cocktail coupe. Garnish with an orange twist.

Watch Eduardsen make his award-winning cocktail <here>. The opinions expressed are her own.) (Editing by Peter Myers)

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