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Hoarding Alert: Cherry Heering

 The Toronto cocktail cabal has been waiting (rather impatiently) for this moment—the imminent release of the Cherry Heering. It’s an unassuming bottle, since it was designed long before booze bottles had to look sleek and, in fact, may be overlooked by those who don’t know better as something reminiscent of a bottle you saw in your grandparents’ liqueur cabinet.

Well, they knew a good thing, it turns out, since Cherry Heering is going to be snapped up by the coolest tattoo-adorned men and women in the city, since the nearly 200-year-old Danish liqueur is considered the highest-quality cherry flavouring around. This is to say that, unlike many red-coloured liqueurs and flavoured vodkas, it actually tastes like cherries. Imagine. It’s also indispensable for the newly popular Blood and Sand cocktail, as well as the Singapore Sling (not actually a joke drink when made properly). So, try to fight your way through the line-up of people with funny facial hair and hats who will be hoarding the Heering and make sure to secure a bottle for your home bar.

Note: at press time, the LCBO could confirm that “several thousand” bottles of the Heering were currently sitting in their Whitby warehouse and expect that they should appear on Toronto shelves in the near future.

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