The Liquid Swords Cherry Heering on Denver of the Wagon .com

…..Callahan’s home is behind the bar, and he keeps it simple with four specialty cocktails and five classics. We sampled the Liquid Swords and the Dulcet Charm, both of which he imported to Colorado from his bartender friends in California. The Liquid Swords combines Sazerac Rye Whiskey, Cherry Heering, and Drambuie, with an orange twist. It’s strong, but it’s mixed with the correct proportions in an Old Fashioned glass – and the flavors melded together well. There is some spice from the rye whiskey, a hint of sweet fruitiness from cherries, and a bit of herbal flavor from the Drambuie, all completed by the acid of the orange twist. As patrons, we noted an interesting exchange: one of our Liquid Swords was delivered without the orange garnish, and the bartender took enough pride in his work to come over and state the cocktail had “gotten away before he was finished.” No throwing the a fellow staffer under the bus, just wanting to deliver the best cocktail to the guest. While mistakes happen, we clearly took note of the grace on handling this one.

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