Cherry Heering Blood and Sand on

…Thom Ray, Rudi’s
I am a fan of vintage cocktails so I try to incorporate that angle into my process, too. My two favorite drinks on our cocktail list right now are two classics: sidecar (brandy, cointreau, fresh lemon), and blood and sand (whiskey, sweet vermouth, Heering cherry liquor, oj). This recipe calls for scotch but I use Gentleman Jack — it makes it smoother. The most popular drink on our menu hands down is the Pink Grapefruitini. It was a drink I came up with for a cocktail competition two years ago and it actually won! It’s been on the menu ever since and we still sell a ton of them! Bartenders are always coming up with new and inventive twists on classic drinks. I love going out to other restaurants and checking out their drink menus to see what they have on them. I notice lots of infusions, whether it is the actual alcohol that’s infused or a syrup that’s going in the drink. It’s a great way to add a new dimension to the drink.

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