Cherry Heering Rio Diablo on

Grant Parker is a numbers man, and his math adds up to some of the freshest, most creative cocktails in Dallas.
… His attention to detail makes him a whiz as a bar manager. He manages his pours as he manages books, and if you watch him, you can see he rarely wastes a drop. Like a balance on a scale, his cocktails balance the sweet, sour and savory to create a perfect harmony. One of his signature drinks is the Rio Diablo made with Leblon Cachaca, Cherry Heering, passion fruit puree, cilantro, lime sour and a very potent spicy red sauce called sriracha. Too much sriracha on anything can be trouble, but his exact amount gives the drink flavor without lighting your mouth on fire. If you are a fan of spice, don’t be afraid to ask for a double helping of the red stuff. He’ll spice it up at your request. His favorite tools behind the bar are the muddler and the double strainer, and he uses both to extract flavor while keeping the presentation perfect.

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