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Tony Sachs; MY TOP TEN NEWLY-INTRODUCED SPIRITS OF 2010 (meaning spirits that were first made widely available in the USA in 2010

HEERING COFFEE LIQUEUR. I haven’t seen much written about this new product from the folks who brought us the venerable Cherry Heering (an essential ingredient in the Singapore Sling), and the reviews I have seen are generally lukewarm. It doesn’t taste much like coffee — my wife had no idea it even contained coffee when she tasted it blind. But boy oh boy, is it delicious. An alchemy of dark Caribbean rums, cacao and coffee beans, it’s velvety smooth, rich, and sweet with a bitter edge. It’s great on its own as an after-dinner drink and makes a mean alcoholic milkshake, too. And it’s miles ahead of Kahlua (the only coffee liqueur most people have tried), which tastes syrupy and one-dimensional by comparison.

Comments from a fan;
“Managed to hold of a bottle of newly launched Heering Coffee Liqueur yesterday. I confess to being a bit of a fan of Cherry Heering, but what about coffee? I often find line extensions disappoint­ing, but I must say they pulled it off. Heering Coffee was nothing short of delicious. The flavor is very potent and I liked it being high proof. Is it the best coffee liqueur on the market? Don’t know, haven’t tried them all. But I can tell you it is miles ahead of the standards like Kahlua and Tia Maria. Patron CafĂ© is really good, but choosing between the two I’d go for Heering which is rum based (I’m not a huge tequila fan). ”

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