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This is the second libation I came up with for last Week’s Thursday Drink Night with the theme: “Not Absinthe: Aquavit, Arak, Anisette, Becherovka, Pernod, Ricard, Sambuca – any anise spirit that isn’t absinthe!”





  • 1¾ oz aged Aquavit (OP Anderson)
  • 1 oz Cherry Heering
  • ¾ oz Campari
  • 1 dash Xocolatl Mole Bitters


stir, strain, serve up

I started as a base idea with the familiar Negroni, which is equal parts Gin, Sweet Vermouth, and Campari.  I thought swapping the gin for the Aquavit was natural enough, approximately like swapping caraway for juniper flavor.  The cherry heering has I think a similar richness and sweetness to the vermouth, so I thought it might be a nice thing to mix it up as well.  Using equal parts wasn’t quite right. so I had to play with the ratios for balance.  The bitters were needed because the heering lacks the herbal complexity of the vermouth.  I first tried orange bitters, but they were not quite right; the mole however did the trick, and completes what I think is an interesting drink. 


A new Heering cocktail is born

Press release below:


Spirits Author and Mixologist Maria Hunt Creates A Cherry Heering Cocktail that Pairs Alongside Pastries Created by Roland Mesnier Former White House Pastry Chef

November — 2009 (Washington D.C.) —CHERRY HEERING® liqueur, the original “Cherry Brandy”, a product of Denmark since 1818, took center stage at the highly anticipated annual Tour de Champagne, which took place at the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC, where VIP guests enjoyed more than 30 different marques of champagne.

The Capitol Cherry Fizz was created by Maria Hunt, a.k.a “The Bubbly Girl” who is the author of The Bubbly Bar: Champagne & Sparkling Wine Cocktails for Every Occasion and was the exclusive cocktail served at the VIP after-party.

More than 200 VIP guests sipped this subtle cocktail of Cherry Heering, brandy, cognac, champagne garnished with a delicious morello cherry along with freshly made crepes and other desserts at the Fin de Soiree.

The Capitol Cherry Fizz
• 1 oz. CHERRY HEERING liqueur
• ½ oz. Cognac
• Splash of Fresh Lemon Juice
• 4-5 oz. Brut Champagne

Garnished with Brandy Soaked a Morello Cherry
Chilled Champagne Glass

CHERRY HEERING liqueur is sold in more than 100 countries all over the world and is the essential ingredient in the world famous Singapore Sling and Blood and Sand cocktails. CHERRY HEERING liqueur has debuted new packaging, just as classic as the original but with a modern day touch of fashionable style.

For more information about CHERRY HEERING, please visit https://www.heering.com and for more images and details pertaining to CHERRY HEERING, please contact James Monahan at (917) 826-9449 or jamesamonahan@gmail.com

Heering in US magazine Bon Appetit

Heering was featured in last month’s Bon Appetit Magazine with the cocktail “Koffie Van Brunt”, which includes (and of course would not be complete without) Cherry Heering!

Heering and the World Championship on Spanish web

Heering and the World Championship were featured in the Spanish “Hmagazine” on the web. To see the whole article, follow the link below:


Heering part of posh Paris event

Cherry Heering cocktails were served all night long at posh restaurant L’Eclaireur in Paris on the 2nd of October. The theme for the night was Scandinavian design and fashion.

Blood and Sand in the Wine Enthusiast

Heering and the Blood & Sand cocktail were featured in the latest issue of the Wine Enthusiast. The piece is written by one of the industries top writers and experts Paul Pacult.

Heering and the Copenhagen cocktail in Bolig Eksklusiv

Heering and the new Copenhagen cocktail were featured in the latest issue of Danish BE, Bolig Eksklusiv.


Heering at Buckingham Palace for Christmas fair

Heering Cherry Liqueur is “visiting one of it’s homes” in December as Heering will be visiting the Buckingham Palace for the annual Christmas fair (Dec 8th). If you are lucky enough to be invited to the fair and followong dinner, look out for Heering!

Heering drink inspirations in Estonia!

Heering will be running drink inspirations in Estonia in November. The goal is to introduce the Estonian bartenders to the wonders of Heering cocktails. So, next time you order a Singapore Sling or a Blood and Sand in Estonia you will get a perfectly shaken Heering cocktail!


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