Heering and Singapore Sling on the Luxist

Heering Cherry Liqueur and the Singapore Sling is featured on Luxist.com with the following headline,
“The History of Girly Drinks at Raffles Hotels”. Follow the link below for the whole article.


Heering cocktails on hip Manhattan restaurant

Next time you are in NY and you want to visit a really trendy and upscale restaurant. Go to “Daniels”, and treat yourself to one of the two Heering cocktails available there on the menu: a New York Sling or a Plum Smash maybe…

Heering on Washingtonian.com…

Heering is mentioned on the Washingtonian.com:

For the aptly named Fall Foliage ($14) at Round Robin Bar, mixologist Jim Hewes layers burnt-orange Grand Marnier, red Chambord, and sparkling wine in a glass, then tops it with a dash of grass-green apple Schnapps. The Harvest Moon ($14) is a mix of Macallen malt whiskey, sweet vermouth, fresh orange and lime juices, and CHERRY HEERING LIQUEUR. Harrison’s Spiced Cider ($14), doctored up with Laird’s applejack, Grand Marnier, and cinnamon and nutmeg, will keep you warm once that first frost hits.


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