Heering in Prestige Magazine

Heering Cherry Liqueur is featured in the newest New York high-end glossy magazine entitled Prestige Magazine.

Heering partner in Manhattan Cocktail Classic

Heering will be partner in the upcoming “Manhattan Cocktail Classic”, follow the link below for more information:


Heering in Demorgen

Heering in Prestige magazine

Heering and the World Championship in Greek magazine

Heering on Food2.com

See below for a remake on the original Blood & Sand cocktail -stil with Cherry Heering of course:


Heering in Bar Business again…

…and with a beautiful cover…

Heering Coffee wins gold medal in Concours Mondiale!

Heering Coffee Liqueur won the gold medal in the world known spirits challenge called Concours Mondiale. This is great news for our brand!

Heering cocktails at Lorensberg!

Next time you are enjoying a show at Lorensberg, do it while sipping on a Heering cocktail. Try the delicious cocktail “Prinsen” with Heering Cherry Liqueur, Famous Grouse, Campari and Juice.

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