Karoulias announces: top position for Greece

The following is posted on Karoulias website (the distributor of Heering in Greece):

The highest distinction took Greece’s participation in the Heering World Championship 2009, the global competition in “fashion mixing & drink designing” organised by Cherry Heering® liqueur, the original Cherry Liqueur since 1818. The Grand Final took place on June 3 & 4 in Singapore awarding top honors in the fashion competition to Mr. Loukas-Athanasios Alifraghis, the young, talented student of IEK AKMI Fashion Design School and his Heering-inspired “dramatic” dress made of red, silk taffetas. Mr. Eiji Miyazawa from Japan was the winner of the mixologists competition, while Stephanos Paraskevoudis, the Greek finalist in this category, was also highly commented by the jury for his cocktail participation.

The Grand Final was glamorously held in the legendary Raffles Hotel, the place where, in 1915, the famous Singapore Sling, Heering’ s signature cocktail, was born. A unique experience and a great opportunity for international acknowledgment await the winners of the competition: Mr. Alifraghis will have the honour to present his own runway show at the internationally acclaimed Copenhagen Fashion Week (Spring/Summer 2010) while Mr Miyazawa will soon have his own cocktail book created together with Peter F. Heering.

More than 10.000 participants worldwide submitted their contributions to The Heering World Championship 2009, from more than 100 countries ranging across the globe. Of these, 15 countries qualified directly and through the open class and were represented at the global final at the Raffles Hotel. The mixologists were invited to create a Heering cocktail inspired by a unique haute couture dress while designers to design a cocktail dress inspired by a Heering cocktail. In Greece, the preliminary round for the fashion competition was presided by Mr Makis Tselios, the famous Greek fashion designer, while the mixologists competition was held under the auspices of the Greek Barmen Association.

The esteemed jury for mixology and fashion included:
The Heering World Championship 2009 – Mixologys Jury

• Ricky Broni – Owner of the internationally acclaimed gourmet restaurant Mården, Stockholm
• Fredrik Tilander – Owner of The Peter F Heering Liqueur Company
• Clinton Ang – Cornerstone Wines, Singapore
• Camper English, US Mixologist/Writer, San Francisco Chronicle and Imbibe Magazine
• Derrick Lee – President of The International Bartender Association
• Jean-Marc Poli – Hotel Manager, Raffles Hotel
• Ms Chan Yoke Kwan, Assistant Director Tourism Shopping & Dining – The Singapore Tourism Board

The Heering World Championship 2009 – Fashion Jury

• Lars Wallin – Internationally acclaimed maestro of Swedish haute couture
• Jörgen Tilander – Owner of The Peter F Heering Liqueur Company
• Rebecca Howard – renowned fashion and beauty journalist;
• The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, Glamour, You Magazine
• Sharon Lim – Editor-In-Chief, Elle Singapore
• Amy Molyneaux – Designer at British fashion emporium PPQ
• Percy Parker – Designer at British fashion emporium PPQ
• Nicholas Wong – Celebrated designer at Nicholas, Singapore

The Grand Final Winners

Eiji Miyazawa – Japan
Cocktail “Orchard’s Knight”

2,5 cl Heering Cherry Liqueur
1,5 cl Calvados Boulard Grand Solage
1 cl X-rated
0,5 cl De Kuyper Butterscotch Caramel
0,5 cl Fresh Lime Juice
Cinnamon Powder
Raisin with a branch

Loucas-Athanasios Alifraghis – Greece
Dress inspired by “dramatic” Heering Cocktail

Red Silk Taffetas – Black chiffon details

About Cherry Heering® liqueur
A drink with a history of two centuries, based on a secret recipe created in 1818, in Copenhagen, by Peter F. Heering, the Cherry Heering® liqueur – the “original cherry liqueur” – became the inspiration for several of the most famous cocktails in the world. In 1915, Ngiam Tong Boon, bartender at the legendary Raffles Hotel in Singapore, by a stroke of genius, used Cherry Heering® liqueur to create a new, and later on world-famous cocktail: Singapore Sling. At that moment, he unknowingly defined the “core” of Heering’s unique character: A drink that, quite like a fashion accessory, adds lavishness, extravagance and civilization to the mix!

Cherry Heering® liqueur is distributed in Greece by W.S. KAROULIAS.

Press info/Enquiries:
Mary Voyiatzi
tel: (+30) 210 81 41 801


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