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New Cocktail – The Bossman (Whiskey, Cherry Heering, Vermouth, Lemon, Bitters)

This past Wednesday was Crispy Gamer’s CEO’s birthday. Coincidentally, on Wednesdays we often have “Crispy Cocktail Night” where someone – typically me – makes drinks for the office and we hang out playing Rock Band 2. I was asked to come up with a new drink for the occasion, and after some experimenting, created one I like.
I wanted to produce something which was bold but not overpowering, not too sweet, and could be made by the glass or by the pitcher. I decided on a whiskey-based concoction which used Cherry Heering for sweetness, lemon juice for a bit of tang, and dry vermouth to smooth things out. Here’s the recipe:
The Bossman
2 parts Canadian Whiskey (I used Seagrams VO)
2 parts OJ (glass) or 3 parts OJ (pitcher)
.75 parts Dry Vermouth
.75 parts Cherry Heering
.5 parts Lemon Juice
Generous dash of Angostura Bitters
Shake or stir with ice, and serve over ice in a rocks glass. Goes very well with birthday cake!
Hope you enjoy the drink.


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